Texas Tech University

Personal Financial Planning Alumna Credits Program with Essential Foundation for Role as Educator

Abigail Morgan

April 30, 2020

Charlotte Carr

Having a degree in Personal Financial Planning allows Charlotte to offer a unique perspective on financial decisions to her high school students

Charlotte Carr graduated from Texas Tech University in 2009 with a bachelor's degree in Personal Financial Planning (PFP) and in 2017 with her master's in Education[HF1]  from Texas State University. Currently, Charlotte is employed as a High School Business Career and Technical Education (CTE) Teacher and Deca Advisor.

“I spent many years in the financial world right after the recession and saw the impact and lack of education clients had when navigating their finances,” Charlotte said. “Through volunteer work, I discovered my love for teaching by helping support the nonprofit group, Junior Achievement, share financial literacy to kids. I went back to school and got my M.Ed. in Secondary Education and now teach financial literacy to High School students."

Charlotte believes that without the Texas Tech PFP program she would not have the foundation to share her financial expertise with her students in a way that helps them before and after high school graduation.

“With my degree in PFP I feel as though I can offer details to students that not many high school teachers know,” Charlotte said. “I am able to answer their questions, get them interested in creating wealth at a young age, and position them for financial success. My level of expertise helps kids buy-in and care about finances even before they have jobs.”

Earning a degree from the College of Human Sciences has allowed Charlotte to make an impact on her student's lives.

“My journey has poised me to uniquely offer perspective to the next generation when it comes to financial decisions,” Charlotte said. “We are in a completely different financial world than past generations and that perspective is fresh air to a traditional model.”

Charlotte decided to major in Personal Financial Planning after checking out the courses and deciding that this program was the right fit for her.

“I would absolutely recommend PFP to current and prospective students at Texas Tech,” Charlotte said. “The PFP program at Tech helped me feel a part of a community. The conferences, expert speakers, and faculty became the highlight of my college experience.”

The most influential aspects of Charlotte's undergraduate experience were the connections she made with PFP faculty 

“I still remember every single one of my professors and how they impacted my future,” Charlotte said. “It's a great program. We also cut the red ribbon on the Charles Schwab Personal Financial Planning Technology Complex. That was a neat moment in the history of our program that I got to be a part of.”