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Student Testimonial: Scholarship Winner and Double Major Follows Her Passion for Personal Financial Planning

Katherine Wilson

March 12, 2021

Personal Financial Planning Texas Tech Student Scholarship Winner

Valerie Carpenter is chasing her dream of becoming a financial planner while winning prestigious scholarships

Valerie Carpenter is using her passion for helping others through data analysis by assisting individuals with financial planning. In May of 2022, Carpenter will be earning a Bachelor's of Science in Personal Financial Planning and a Bachelor's of Arts in Spanish, making her a double major. Carpenter has also won the TD Ameritrade 2020 RIA NextGen Scholarship allowing for her to follow her ambitions as a Personal Financial Planner.

"Financial planning gives me the opportunity to help people alleviate what is most likely the main stressor in their life: money," Carpenter said. "Additionally, it allows me to take data, run analyses, and determine the best recommendations to offer to the client, which is very fulfilling both in regards to the actual process as well as the personal connections formed."

Throughout her time in the Personal Financial Planning program, Carpenter feels the department is maintaining an environment where students can gain skills applicable in a professional work setting while creating a space of family.

"The PFP department is so deeply committed to the success of each and every student," Carpenter said. "There are endless opportunities to be involved and network within the department, and I truly feel so supported by the faculty."

Recently, Carpenter found out she would be the recipient of the TD Ameritrade 2020 RIA NextGen Scholarship. The scholarship has funding through TD Ameritrade International, a corporation that wants to help students pursue their passion of becoming the next wave of financial planners.

The opportunity to apply for the TD Ameritrade 2020 RIA NextGen Scholarship came through her best friend, Ansleigh Brister, who was a winner last year. Brister encouraged Carpenter to apply for the scholarship to help gain experience in the career field. The lengthy application process consists of transcripts, a faculty recommendation, and an essay on why Carpenter has an interest in pursuing personal financial planning.

"Not only was a weight lifted off my shoulders in winning $5,000 to pay for school, but I felt validated in the work that I have been putting in for my degree," Carpenter said. "Winning the scholarship felt like a group of accomplished industry professionals telling me I am doing exactly what I need."

In the future, Carpenter has the goal of taking the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) exam. Another possible life path is attending graduate school, which Carpenter is highly considering, as she says she is academically inclined.