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Homegrown in West Texas

Homegrown in West Texas Graphic

The History Division at the Museum of Texas Tech University is redeveloping the Lubbock Gallery from a static, linear history to a vibrant new space that focuses on the people of West Texas and their unique and game changing talents. West Texas is known for its deep roots, boldness, hard work, and passion. These qualities have been key in producing some of the finest and influential people over many decades. In this space, we will tell the stories of American army men—who not only fought in the war but used the High Plains to train Army Air Corps pilots that flew in every corner of World War II.  How music has been a fundamental part of our culture—from Buddy Holly to Mac Davis, the Maines Brothers Band to Amanda Shires—and how they have influenced the nation.  In a community filled with diversity, how did a rich news and media population flourish under the leadership of newspaper publishers from James L. Dow of the Lubbock Avalanche Journal to Bidal Agüero's El Editor. How did a land where the early pioneers thought nothing may grow turn into a flourishing region and become a cornerstone of the Texas grape industry? The new and improved Lubbock Gallery will showcase the area's heritage, culture, talent, and grit and what it means to be homegrown in West Texas.