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Sumptuous Stitches and Tiny Treasures

Sumptuous Stitches and Tiny Treasures

Open May 1 - December 22, 2021

Sumptuous Stitches and Tiny Treasures, an outstanding exhibition of needlework and needlework tools will be on exhibit at The Museum of Texas Tech University. 

Drawn from the Museum's collection of Clothing and Textiles, the largest at a university museum in the country, the pieces show the exquisite workmanship of needlework created from the time of James I of England to the present. Among the needleworks are schoolgirl pieces for which two of the schools have recently been discovered. Hundreds of beautiful needlework tools will be exhibited including a large assemblage of seldom seen 18th century knotting shuttles and an array of stunning gold, silver, and brass pieces. These tiny treasures were often given as tokens of love or as awards for exceptional needlework.  The innovative and beautiful ways turtles, frogs, penguins, lambs, elephants, pigs, ships and tourist attractions have been incorporated into needlework tools have to be seen to be enjoyed.

For further information contact Dr. Marian Ann Montgomery, Curator of Clothing and Textiles, at marian.ann.montgomery@ttu.edu or (806) 834-5146.

Supported in part by the CH Foundation, Helen Jones Foundation, Inc., and Pocket Full of Stitches. 


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Sumptuous Stitches and Tiny Treasures Book

The remarkable needlework and needlework tool collection of the Clothing and Textiles Division of the Museum of Texas Tech University is shown here in full color. Comprising more than 750 objects made between 1700 and 2000 this book showcases extraordinary and exquisite objects. At the core of this collection are over 500 pieces of needlework and needlework tools donated by Pat Grappe, enhanced by over 150 knotting and tatting shuttles collected by her daughter, Helen Grappe Graf. Included are pieces made at the time James I ruled England and the King James Bible was developed. The Museum holds likely the largest collection of 18th century knotting shuttles held at an American museum. This book serves as a reference on needlework tools and provides an amazing glimpse into the dazzling tools used by women to create beautiful works.

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