Texas Tech University

Lubbock Boot Makers: Innovation & Artistry

December 2020 – May 2021

Lubbock Boot Makers

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The appeal of cowboy boots is enduring; not only worn by farmers and ranchers, but by bankers, lawyers, super models and rock stars.

Cowboy boots impart something to the wearer—a feeling, an attitude, a vibe.

Willie Lusk, Jr. PortraitWillie Lusk, Jr. (1914–1976)

But why a cowboy boot? Lots of different types of footwear have been around for centuries, but "cowboy boots" seem to appeal to many, across diverse ages, lifestyles, ethnicities.

Brad Glenn Custom BootsBoots by Brad Glenn, BG Leather Shop and Custom Boots

This exhibition focuses on two talented and innovated bootmakers from Lubbock. Willie Lusk was a premiere bootmaker. His unique stitching and attention to craft made a Lusk boot a prized possession, both locally and among the stars. The tradition of Lubbock bootmakers lives on with in the craftsmanship of contemporary artisan Brad Glenn.