Texas Tech University

Field of Vision

Selections from the Dr. Robert Neff and Louise Willson Arnold Collection

Field of Vision is the inaugural exhibition in the newly constructed Dr. Robert Neff and Louise Willson Arnold Gallery. Honoring these distinguished Lubbock residents, the exhibition features selections from more than 550 works of art that illuminated the Arnolds' home for many decades and were donated in 2017 to the Museum of Texas Tech University Association.

With artworks selected by Peter S. Briggs, PhD, Retired Helen DeVitt Jones Curator of Art, the exhibition highlights the Arnolds' fifty-year collecting endeavor, which chiefly spanned 1960–2010. The collection includes works by prominent artists from across the nation in painting, glass, ceramics, fiber and woven baskets.

“The artworks of glass, ceramics, and fiber baskets exemplify aspirations of sculpture as much as links to function,” explains Dr. Briggs. “The collection's core of American studio ceramics and glass and Native American painting from the second half of the 20th century demonstrates the depth and acumen of the collectors' visions. Their passion for each artist and mindful pursuit of each artwork engendered an independent and inspired field of vision, a vision focused and refocused with each acquisition.”