Texas Tech University

Undergraduate Wind Energy Program: FAQ

  • How do I apply ?
  • I am a transfer student or I have dual credit from high school. How do I know if TTU will accept my credit?
  • What about living on campus?

Q: How do I apply?

The Wind Energy Undergraduate program adheres to TTU's basic admission requirements. To apply, click here, and follow these instructions:

  • Select "4 year" program.
  • Target University: Texas Tech University (Lubbock).
  • Application Type: whatever is applicable and hit continue.
  • Enter a semester. Click continue.
  • First choice school: Office of the Provost.
  • Do not select a second choice school. Click continue.
  • First choice major: Wind Energy - there will have 2 WE choices here:
  • IF you live in Lubbock, pick the Lubbock option.
  • IF you will NOT be living in Lubbock while taking classes, select "ONLINE." (IMPORTANT NOTE: While some classes are online, some are not, and thus the degree CANNOT be completed 100% online.)

PLEASE NOTE: Although most of our courses are offered online, we are NOT an online program and we cannot guarantee that all classes will be offered online in the order or at the time that you may need them.

If you have questions, please contact windenergy@ttu.edu or (tel) 806-8742-6284.

Q: I am a transfer student OR I have dual credit from high school. How do I know if TTU will accept my credit?

The Registrar's Office has a website that will allow you to see how your credit will transfer to Texas Tech. Simply use the drop down menus to choose your state, the name of the institution from which you received credit, and the name of the course(s) you took.

Q: I took AP tests in High School. What do I have to score to get credit at Texas Tech?

We have a list of the AP tests and what you must score to gain credit at TTU on this website

Q: I want to live on campus. How do I sign up?

You can to go to the TTU Student Housing website to state your dorm preference.

Do You Still Have Questions?

If you have more or different questions about the undergraduate B.S. in Wind Energy program at TTU, please contact windenergy@ttu.edu or (tel) 806-742-6284.