Texas Tech University

Ph.D. in Wind Science & Engineering


The Wind Science and Engineering Ph.D. program meets the requirements of the Texas Tech University Graduate School. 

The doctorate requires at least 60 semester hours of graduate studies in addition to a dissertation (requirement of the Graduate School of Texas Tech University). These 60 hours include 6 core courses, field of emphasis courses, and an external internship. Core courses include:

  • ATMO 5301 Individual Studies in Atmospheric Science–Wind Science (3)
  • CE 5348 Wind Engineering (3)
  • BA 5310 Domestic and Global Business Conditions (3)
  • CE 5331 Advanced Work in Specific Fields—Leadership in Engineering (3)
  • STAT 5384 Statistics for Engineers and Scientists I (3)
  • STAT 5385 Statistics for Engineers and Scientists II (3)

A master's degree is strongly recommended. Graduate courses completed during a master's degree can be transferred if they are in an emphasis field of study (i.e., atmospheric science, engineering, economics, business administration, or a combination to have an emphasis area in wind energy, wind engineering experiments, economics/risk management, damage imaging, emergency management). The courses to be transferred have to be approved by the program coordinator. Additional courses are required by the Graduate School to fulfill requirements of 60 credit hours and are chosen by the students with the advice and consent of the graduate advisor, depending on the student's area of research emphasis. Some of the courses available to fulfill the requirements are as follows:

  • ATMO 5353 Meteorologic Field Experiments (3)
  • ATMO 5317 Wind Storm Hazards (3)
  • CE 5341 Wind Engineering Laboratory (3)
  • IE 5320 Systems Theory (3)
  • ECO 5320 Managerial Economics (3)
  • FIN 5320 Financial Management Concepts (3)
  • GEOL 5428 GIS in Natural Science and Engineering (4)
  • MATH 5334 Numerical Analysis I (3)
  • MATH 5335 Numerical Analysis II (3)
  • PUAD 5352 Public Policy Analysis (3)
  • STAT 5378 Stochastic Processes (3)
  • WE 5300 Advanced Technical Wind Energy I (3)
  • WE 5301 Advanced Technical Wind Energy II (3)
  • Any other course that can help for research as approved by student's advisor

Coursework for students is tailored with the advice and consent of their graduate advisor to provide background for multidisciplinary dissertation research. Course descriptions are given under each departmental listing of courses.

The coursework in the first year is designed to give a broad background to students. It is a rigorous year for students and it should break the mold of single-discipline thinking. All of the core courses will be completed by the students by the end of the first year.

3-Year Program with M.S. Degree (Ilustration Only)

Year Fall Spring Summer
1 Core Course 3 Core Course 3 Emphasis Course 3
  Core Course 3 Core Course 3 Emphasis Course 3
  Core Course 3 Core Course 3    
      Emphasis Course 3    
  Total 9 Total 12 Total 6
Doctoral Degree Plan (including transferring of 9 credits from M.S.)
2 Emphasis Course 3 Research 9 Internship (3 month) 6
  Emphasis Course 3        
  Research 3        
  Total 9 Total 9 Total 6
Complete dissertation proposal and qualifying exam
3 Dissertation 9 Dissertation 9 Dissertation 6
  Total 9 Total 9 Total 6
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