Texas Tech University

Regional SODAR Network

Sonic Detection and Ranging (SODAR) are acoustic radars that are available to evaluate low-level atmospheric stability and wind characteristics.

The SODAR network is used for high resolution short-term wind forecasts and measures wind at different levels. (Wind speed tends to have different speeds at different heights from the ground which is useful for building safe structures and for use in academic and real-world projects.)

Six SCINTEC flat panel array units have been installed across West Texas and are part of the West Texas Mesonet (WTM) system. (See here for more information on the West Texas Mesonet system.)

SODAR units have been integrated with the WTM system to provide elevated measurements for high-resolution, short-term ensemble wind forecasts.

The SODARs run 10-minute scans at 10-m bin spacing. The first bin is at 30 meters above ground level (AGL) with wind speed and direction date available up to a maximum height of 380 meters AGL.


(Above) - Picture of SODAR unit in the field.