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MPA Degree Core and Concentration Courses

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program requires students to successfully complete a total of 42 hours of coursework while maintaining a 3.0 GPA. In order to facilitate a rigorous yet professional academic experience, the MPA Program requires that student enrollment in core curriculum is sequential as possible. The sequentially ordering of enrollment in core curriculum is intended to provide students with a foundation of knowledge from which to build upon as students navigate additionally required coursework. This is particularly important for students achieving the expertise required of a degreed professional public administrator.

MPA Core Courses:

PUAD 5340: Public Administration Theory and Practice
PUAD 5319: Research Methods in Public Administration
PUAD 5320: Program Evaluation and Quantitative Analysis
PUAD 5337: Public Organization Theory
PUAD 5344: Public Budgeting*
PUAD 5345: Administrative Ethics and Leadership
PUAD 5352: Public Policy Analysis
PUAD 5347: Internship in Public Administration

* Healthcare Administration students are required to take either PUAD 5343 (Cost and Managerial Accounting in Government and Nonprofit Organizations) or PUAD 5346 (Public Financial Management) instead of PUAD 5344 (Public Budgeting).

Recommended Sequential Enrollment:

Recommended Sequential Enrollment

MPA Emphasis and Elective Courses:

Public Management
Nonprofit Management
Environmental Policy and Administration