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Tuition and Financial Aid Information

In recent years there have been three primary sources of financial assistance for students in the MPA program: (1) teaching assistantships in the Department of Political Science; (2) scholarships; and (3) paid internships.

Students receiving halftime teaching assistantships also qualify for state sponsored medical insurance. Teaching assistantships in the Department of Political Science require 20 hours per week (half time) in work. Teaching assistants may be asked to enroll in special courses to prepare for the classroom experience. Teaching assistants are asked to perform various duties relating to introductory political science courses, such as leading discussion groups, grading papers, and assisting students with questions.

Applicants for a teaching assistantships or scholarships should (1) submit an application for financial aid (available from the MPA admissions office or the program site) directly to the MPA program along with the other required documents for admission (see admission procedures). Complete the steps for admission to the Graduate School as specified in the Graduate Catalog. Information and application forms for other types of financial assistance, such as student loans and work-study opportunities are available from:

Financial Aid Office
Texas Tech University
P.O. Box 45011
Lubbock, TX 79409



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