Texas Tech University

MPA Schedule Guidelines

The MPA program guidelines for scheduling courses are as follows:

The schedule will be established to ensure that a full-time student taking three courses during the regular semester will be able to graduate in two years and a summer. The normal summer offering will be an internship and one or two other courses. The internship will be offered every semester.

All Core Courses will be offered once a year.

Required courses in the public management, healthcare administration, nonprofit management, and environmental policy and administration concentrations will be offered a minimum of once every two years. If enrollments are sufficient in a particular track, the required track courses will be offered once a year.

The course schedule for each year will be provided to students and posted on the website in the spring. The schedule will be adhered to as much as possible but changes may be made if necessary.

Students are required to take 12 courses with the possibility of waiving the internship for in-service students. (In-service means that a student prior to applying to the MPA Program has had significant experience in his/her career.) A full load is three courses. A student may need to register for four courses one semester or take a course during the summer in order to fulfill the course requirements. Only under special circumstances will students be allowed to take four courses in their first or last full semester.

Recommended schedule:

Recommended Schedule