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Governance and Policy Issues in the European Union

The European Union is facing tough governance and policy issues. With the EU in turmoil, this is an excellent time to take a close look at some of the major policy issues confronting the EU and how the governance process is dealing with these issues. This study abroad experience will take students to Brussels, the seat of government of the EU, to Frankfurt, where the financial enter of the EU is located and to Berlin, where the government of the dominant EU country is located. Policy issues that will be investigated through meetings with representatives of the EU and other parties and agencies involved include the immigration crisis, the continuing monetary crisis, energy policy, threats of countries exiting the EU, and environmental policy. There will also be organized tours to tourist policy. There will also be organized tours to tourist sites and free time to experience the culture.

Courses Offered:

POLS 3301 Selected topics in Political Science and International Relations

PUAD 5348 Selected topics in Public Administration

For more information contact: Sara Dennis