Texas Tech University

How Do I Declare?

(Incoming Students) Before attending Red Raider Orientation:

To verify your major prior to attending Red Raider Orientation, click HERE.

To change your major prior to attending Red Raider Orientation:

  1. Log into your Raider Connect account at www.raiderconnect.ttu.edu
  2. Go to your "My Applications" tab
  3. Select Major Change
  4. Choose your desired major from the available options, then click save.

Please allow up to 48 hours to process this request.

NOTE ON RESTRICTED MAJORS: If you have been admitted to the University at the time of your request, the options for changing your major could be restricted due to additional requirements of some programs. You will be allowed to select a major from the programs that you are qualified to enter. Please refer to information on admission requirements for specific colleges to see if you are qualified for restricted majors.

(Incoming Students) While attending Red Raider Orientation:

While it is preferred that incoming students make major changes via RaiderConnect at least 48 hours prior to their scheduled RRO date, there will be the opportunity to official change your major during RRO. Please check the official RRO schedule for that time and location link.

PLEASE NOTE: These major change opportunities during RRO begin at 8:30 a.m. (CDT), and are in a Zoom setting that will use a waiting room approach to protect student privacy. Please be patient and prepared.

(Current Students) Into a Degree-Granting Major:

It depends on the college the degree-granting major you want to declare calls home. If you're not sure which college the major you want to declare is in, check out listing of undergraduate program offerings for the colleges in the online catalog HERE.

Once you know which college your degree-granting major of choice is in, below are the locations where you can go to officially declare into that major:

Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources - 806-742-2808 - 108 Goddard

Architecture - 806-742-3136 - 1005 Architecture

Arts & Sciences - 806-742-3831 - 102 Holden Hall

Business Administration - 806-742-3171 - 145 Rawls

Education - 806-742-2377 - 106 Education

Engineering - 806-742-3451 - 102 Engineering Center

Honors - 806-742-1828 - 103 McClellan Hall

Human Sciences - 806-742-1180 - 159 Human Sciences

Media & Communication - 806-742-6500 - 169 Media & Communication

Visual & Performing Arts - 806-742-0700 - 203 Holden Hall

eXplore Advising - 806-742-2189 - 347 Drane Hall

PLEASE NOTE: Some colleges may require an appointment with the advisor for that major before you can officially declare. Calling or emailing ahead is always a good idea!

(Any Student) Into a Pre-Health Designation:

It is the preference of the College of Arts & Sciences that students with a certain number of credit hours do not declare into a pre-health designation. While our ten pre-health designations are options students can choose when applying to Texas Tech University, they are not degree-granting majors. Since Texas state law (Senate Bill 25) requires students file a degree plan before the end of the semester or term immediately following the point at which the they have earned a cumulative total of 30 or more semester credit hours, students with 45 or more hours are encouraged to instead identify which degree-granting major they will declare as a parallel or contingency plan for their health professions goals.

If you would like to discuss any the above or have yet to complete 30 credit hours, you may schedule an appointment with a Pre-Professional Health Careers advisor before declaring.

Students in degree-granting majors and other designations can officially activate their Pre-Health Connection HERE.