Texas Tech University

Schedule of Events

"Food and..." Conference
Texas Tech University
March 29-31, 2018

All Conference panels will be held in the Southwest Collection's Formby Room.

Schedule is subject to change. Details on individual panels will be posted soon.

Thursday, March 29th
2:30 PM Opening Remarks/
2:45 PM Panel 1 Presenters: Hannah Friedman, Corey Straub, Belinda Kleinhans
4:15 PM Load buses for Ranching Heritage Center/
4:45 PM Self-guided tour of the Ranching Heritage Center
5:30 PM BBQ Dinner in 6666 Barn at RHC
6:30 PM Walk to Museum for keynote address (located next to RHC)
7:00 PM Ruth Reichl keynote address, TTU Museum Auditorium
9:00 PM Return to hotels

Friday, March 30th
8:30 AM Panel 2 Presenters: Victoria Jackson, Efthymia Nikita, David A. Gapp, Lesley Wolff
10:15 AM 15 Minute Break
10:30 AM Panel 3 Presenters: Benjamin Garstad, Jeremy McInerney, Athena Stournas
12:00 PM Lunch Break (45 Minutes, Attendees responsible for their own lunch)
12:45 PM Panel 4 Presenters: Jonathan Rees, Seth Tannenbaum, Adele Hite, Hannah Ryan
2:30 PM 15 Minute Break
2:45 PM Panel 5 Presenters: Jacob Morton, Ben Poole, Maya Hey, Andrej Petrovic
4:30 PM 15 Minute Break
4:45 PM Panel 6 Presenters: Matthew Roller, Tashima Thomas, Jessica Romney
6:15 PM Load buses for Seder
7:00 PM Passover Seder with Spatula&Barcode
11:00 PM Return to hotels

Saturday, March 31st
9:00 AM Panel 7 Presenters: Kaete O'Connell, Ophelynn Cano, Lauren Miller Griffith
10:45 AM Passover-friendly Brunch (45 Minutes)
11:30 AM Panel 8 Presenters: Julie Hruby, Abby Wilkerson, Chi Ha, Kaisa Ruohonen
1:15 PM 15 Minute Break
1:30 PM Panel 9 Presenters: Kevin Solez, Amy Kim, Ivana Petrovic
3:00 PM 15 Minute Break
3:15 PM Panel 10 Presenters: Glenn Mack & Daniel Hintz, Audrey Lundahl, Patrick Midgley
4:45 PM 15 Minutes Break
5:00 PM Panel 11 Presenters: Pamela Zinn, Sarah Tracy, Thomas Palaima, Joshua Abrams
6:30 PM Closing Remarks/ Conference Ends

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