Texas Tech University

Grade Replacement Policy

The procedure for repeating a course and replacing a grade varies according to the following guidelines:

Grade Replacement Policy

As of Spring 2010, grade replacements are automatically processed by the Office of the Registrar following each term and require no action on the part of the student.

Effective January 1, 2009, only current and cumulative GPAs will be calculated. The current and cumulative GPA will include grade replacements. A notation will indicate the original course(s) that is being replaced. The original grade and original academic standing status will remain on the term in which the initial grade was earned.

The Office of the Registrar will initiate the grade replacement process at the end of each term after a Texas Tech course had been retaken at Texas Tech University and prior to graduation. Students wanting to replace a grade received before fall 1983 should contact their academic dean's office.

Grade replacement is for the purpose of adjusting the cumulative grade point average. A notation will indicate the original course that is being replaced. The original grade will remain. A pure GPA without grade replacements will be used for honors designations.

The most recent A, B, or C will replace all previous grades of D or F in that course. Only grades of D and F are eligible for grade replacement. Courses taken pass/fail for grade replacement can only replace a grade of F. They cannot replace a grade for which grade points were awarded (i.e., a D grade) in a course not taken pass/fail. Students may repeat a course for credit only one time at the normal tuition rate. Additional tuition may be charged for a course taken more than two times. Second bachelor's degree students may repeat a course taken during the first bachelor's degree but are ineligible to replace the grade.

Students enrolled in a second bachelor's degree program cannot replace a grade awarded during the first degree program. They may, however, replace a grade in a course taken during the second degree program while that program is in progress.