Texas Tech University

Grade Replacement Policy

The procedure for repeating a course and replacing a grade varies according to the following guidelines:

Grade Replacement Policy

The Office of the Registrar will initiate the grade replacement process at the end of each term after a Texas Tech course had been retaken at Texas Tech University and prior to graduation. Students wanting to replace a grade received before fall 1983 should contact their associate academic dean's office.

Grade replacement is for the purpose of adjusting the cumulative grade point average. On the transcript, the original grade will remain visible but will include a notation indicating that the original grade was subsequently replaced. A pure grade point average including all coursework taken at Texas Tech will be used for honors designations. Additional rules concerning grade replacements are below:

  1. Only grades of D and F are eligible for grade replacement.
  2. There is no limit on the number of times that a student may attempt to grade replace a course. However, after the third attempt, the student will be charged the non-resident, undergraduate tuition rate for any and all subsequent enrollments in that same course (per the authority granted by Rule 13.105 of Title 19, Part 1, Chapter 13, Subchapter F of the Texas Administrative Code).
  3. Regardless of the number of attempts made by a student to grade replace a course, only the grade of D or F associated with the most recent attempt of the course will be factored into the student's cumulative grade point average until such time as the student successfully achieves a grade of C or better.
  4. When considering retaking a course for the purposes of grade replacement, a student with a grade of D in the course should consider the risk of making an F in the subsequent enrollment. The grade of F will replace the grade of D and the student may be required to retake the course again.

Effective January 1, 2009, only current and cumulative institutional GPAs will be calculated. The current and cumulative institutional GPA will include grade replacements. A notation will indicate the original course(s) that is being replaced. The transcript will include the original grade and original academic standing status on the term in which the initial grade was earned, however, a notation will be included that the grade has been “Grade Replaced” and excluded “E” from the GPA and hours.