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Academic Standing FAQ's:

FAQ's: Undergraduate Academic Standing

What is my status when I return to TTU?

Readmission decisions are determined by the student's Academic Dean. You will not have a new Academic Standing status until coursework is completed that may be considered. If you are approved for readmission following completion of the suspension term, you are reinstated and eligible to attend courses and participate in all extracurricular activities as governed by the rules of the specific activity and subject to the conditions established by the Academic Dean or committee granting permission to attend classes. If readmitted, you must follow the Advising and Registration requirements for Academic Warning or Probation status, as appropriate based upon your status when you left the institution.

What if I withdraw during the term I have been readmitted?

If a student withdraws during the term for which they were readmitted, the following guidelines apply:
If student returned from: Standing for withdrawn term:
Good Standing Good Standing
Academic Warning Academic Warning
Academic Probation Academic Probation

A student who returns following a suspension or dismissal must demonstrate a commitment to success and progression toward completion of a degree.  Withdrawals during the term of readmission will be reviewed by the student's Academic Dean and the Office of the Provost.
If student returned from: Withdrawal Request: Standing for withdrawn term:
Academic Suspension If approved Academic Probation
  If not approved Academic Dismissal
Academic Dismissal If approved Academic Probation
  If not approved Permanent Academic Dismissal
Permanent Academic Dismissal If approved Academic Probation
  If not approved Expulsion

How do I apply for readmission?

Visit: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/admissions/admissions-finaid/returning_other/former/ for information regarding readmission requirements and deadlines.