Texas Tech University

About the IRB

The mission of the IRB is to protect the rights and welfare of human research subjects by minimizing risks, ensuring that people are fully informed before they participate in research, and promoting equity in research participation.

The Texas Tech University Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects (IRB) complies with the Federalwide Assurance registration guidelines through the Office for Human Research Protections of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services regulated by 45 CFR 46 under number FWA00001568. It is also identified by IORG 0000166 and IRB 00000276 codes. Registration is current and the FWA expires on July 19, 2020.

The Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) carries out administrative duties involved with the Institutional Review Board. The HRPP is supervised by Dr. Alice Young, Associate Vice President for Research Integrity, under the oversight of the Vice President for Research.