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Mental Health, Self-Harm, Criminal Behavior, & Substance Abuse

Research activities must be compliant with applicable federal and state laws and university policies. The IRB and HRPP office expect all researchers to put the participant's well-being and safety first.

Mental Health, Self-Harm, Criminal Behavior, and Substance Abuse

TTU employees and students are NOT required to report alleged or suspected self-harm, criminal behavior, or substance abuse.

When it is feasible, the IRB and HRPP office recommend that the data is collected anonymously, and researchers do not have access to identifiers.

If the Research Topic is about Mental Health, Self-Harm, Criminal Behavior, and Substance Abuse

If there is a reasonable expectation that the target population will disclose information about Mental Health, Self-Harm, Criminal Behavior, and Substance Abuse while participating in the research, the researcher needs to provide information in the protocol about plans for providing referral information, assessing participant safety, and/or contacting others outside the research team to ensure participants safety. Example language is provided below in the section describing how privacy is protected.

If the research team decides to report an alleged or suspected self-harm, criminal behavior, and substance abuse, this will constitute a reportable event to the HRPP office. The Principal Investigator must complete an incident submission in Cayuse IRB within three days of learning of the issue. If the participant is in immediate threat, call 911.

Observed or known concerns in the TTU community
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Informed Consent Language
How are we protecting your privacy?

Your name will not be linked to any material in reports, publications or presentations. No one other than the researchers associated with this project will have access to the raw data. All related documentation will be stored in the researcher's locked office and on a password protected computer.

Confidentiality rules prevent anyone from the research team sharing information about you with anyone outside of the research team without your permission. There are some very rare exceptions to this that you should know about. For example, if you tell us about a child or an elderly adult who is being abused, we are required to report that to the appropriate authorities. Also, if we believe that you or someone else are in imminent danger of serious physical harm, we may need to contact someone to make sure you're safe. This would only happen if we were not able to work with you directly to come up with a plan to keep you, or someone else, safe.

Debriefing Language

Must include a list of resources available to participants.