Texas Tech University

Classroom Accommodation Checklist

Requesting Letters of Accommodation (LOA's)

  • Visit https://www.depts.ttu.edu/sds and select “Request LOAs & Manage Accommodations” under Quick Links. Sign in with your eRaider username and password.
  • Create your LOAs by selecting each course you would like to request accommodations in. If your main course has a lab or discussion, you will select the lab or discussion course on the next page after your initial course selection. Then, you will select specific accommodations for each course and submit your accommodation request.
  • Once your accommodation request is approved, the student and the instructor will receive an email with the LOA.
  • It is then your responsibility to contact each instructor within a week of requesting your LOA to discuss your accommodations on the LOA.

Reminder: Students can request LOAs at any time, though it is recommended that they be requested (about a week) before, or at the beginning of each semester.

Setting up Testing Accommodations

  • Discuss LOAs with your instructor.
  • For every instructor who chooses to use the Academic Testing Services (ATS) office as an alternative testing location, obtain a Testing Agreement (pink sheet) from ATS or SDS.
  • Meet with your instructor and complete the Testing Agreement. Both you and the instructor must complete and sign the Testing Agreement.
  • You, the student, must return the signed testing agreement to Academic Testing Services (214 West Hall) at least a week in advance of testing.

Reminder: Students must complete new agreements with your instructor and turn them in at the ATS each semester. Check the Testing Agreement (pink sheet) for the submission deadline.

Receiving Supplemental Notes

  • You must be present, attentive, and take your own notes in class to receive supplemental notes. If you do not attempt to take notes, you are not eligible to receive supplemental notes.
  • PowerPoint slides are an approved form of supplemental notes.
  • If your instructor chooses to use a notetaker in the class and would like to use the carbonless note taking pads provided by SDS, you must pick up two carbonless note pads from the SDS office, and take the note pads to your instructor.
  • Make arrangements with the instructor about how you will receive the notes.
  • Make sure you are receiving the notes within 24 hours after the class. If you are not receiving the supplemental notes, please contact your instructor first. Then, if needed, contact your SDS counselor.

Reminder: This service is meant to supplement your own notes, not replace them. Instructors may use other note-taking options.

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