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Bridges Across Texas-Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation

The Bridges Across Texas Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (BAT-LSAMP) Alliance is a collaboration among five institutions of higher education in Texas – four community colleges (Dallas College [DC], South Plains College [SPC], and Texas Southmost College [TSC]) and two four-year institutions (Texas Tech University [TTU] and the University of North Texas at Dallas [UNTD]). This collaboration (NSF Award # 2110048)  represents a demographically diverse and geographically large region that lacked LSAMP support in a state with a growing number of STEM-based career needs and a rapidly changing demographic. However, the number of underrepresented minorities (URMs) earning STEM degrees and supplying workforce needs is still disproportionately low in the state. The program started as a Pre-Alliance (and originally included McClennan Community College) where surveys and interviews were conducted to assess barriers ot student success faced by underrepresented groups at two- and four-year institutions.

This program uses research and information gathered by the Alliance to continue the mission of increasing the number of underrepresented minorities earning STEM degrees across the state of Texas. The BAT-LSAMP Alliance has established an undergraduate STEM Center at each institution and works to connect students and resources, and success across the state. The top priorities addressed at each institution are: (1) academic advising and support (including tutoring); (2) mentoring (including peer-to-peer and faculty-to-student); (3) STEM-focused materials such as textbooks, access to computers or other technology; and (4) social and peer support to promote a sense of community and belonging. One of the biggest challenges for students transferring from community colleges to four-year institutions is a lack of connection. This grant helps students build relationships with four-year institution students and faculty from their first experience at their community college. We posit that a virtual network that allows students at two-year institutions to access resources at four-year institutions and build networks before transferring will enhance student sense of belonging and increase their retention. In addition, four-year institution faculty and staff will build relationships with transfer students through the virtual network, which will provide a support network when two-year institution students transfer. 

For specific information about each individual institution and their involvement with the BAT-LSAMP alliance, view the information below: 

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BAT-LSAMP Alliance Wide Activities

This program is funded by the National Science Foundation, Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation, Award # 2110048.