Texas Tech University

TECHniques Center New Student Orientation

Students who are new to the TECHniques Center must attend a mandatory TECHniques Center New Student Orientation before they can begin tutoring for the semester.

This meeting covers policies of the TECHniques Center, the roles of tutors and Academic Counselors, self-advocacy tips, learning styles, and other helpful information. Students will also meet their Academic Counselor and be given a brief tour of the TECHniques Center. After this orientation, students will be contacted by their tutor.

Parents are welcome to attend our Fall orientation, which typically occurs a week before classes begin. Staff can visit with them and answer questions about the program, our policies, and our roles. However, scheduling does not allow us to have a parent option at our Spring orientation. If you are a parent of a new TECHniques Center student starting our program in a Spring semester, give us a call at (806) 742-1822, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If a student misses this orientation, he or she will have to complete a one-on-one orientation with the assigned Academic Counselor before tutoring begins. Therefore, it's very important that students attend orientation so that there is no delay in tutor communication or scheduling.


A group of Master Tutors gathered around a bench outside

TECHniques Center