Texas Tech University

TECHniques Tutors

Tutors at the TECHniques Center represent the peak of tutoring training and performance. The tutoring position at the TECHniques Center is unique because of the peer-to-peer tutoring that allows our tutors to build relationships not otherwise possible in traditional, drop-in tutoring. Our tutors are matched with students based on course choices and are paired for the entire semester. This promotes the consistency and structure that has been proven to benefit our student population.

While the emphasis of the job is on helping and cultivating student growth, we are committed to the growth and development of our tutors, as well. Our tutors are specifically trained to work with students with learning disabilities, ADHD, or Autism Spectrum disorder and continually receive feedback on how to better themselves as tutors and professionals. We love hearing about all the amazing things our tutors do, both in and outside the TECHniques Center, and they are constantly moving on to bright futures after graduation.

Tutors at the TECHniques Center are vital to maintaining the unique culture of the TECHniques Center, which blends professionalism with a safe and nurturing environment that allows our students to not only succeed, but also thrive in college and in life.

TECHniques Center