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The TECHniques Center Student Successes

Students at the TECHniques Center have consistently been successful, with retention to TECHniques Center, Texas Tech University, and with a continually rising GPA. The success of our students is oftentimes best shown through their own voices.

Read some of our student success stories.


"We are very pleased with you and your program. The job you and your Texas Tech team do for our son is second to none in the country. We plan to stay with you all the way through graduation. We might even send our daughter your way in a few years when she graduates from high school. Thanks again for your continued support in shaping our son's successful future."

Over four years I have received one of the best educations in the State of Texas and numerous hours of help from tutors, peers, and counselors at Student Disability Services' TECHniques Center. I know that my history degree and Spanish minor would never have been possible without the help of all involved. The TECHniques Center was really able to grasp on to who I was during my first semester and use that as a cornerstone to help build me and allow me to grow in my education."

"What the TECHniques Center offered our daughter was a continuation of support for her learning needs and an important reinforcement that she was not "different" or in any way less capable than other students at Tech. I am personally amazed at the way the TECHniques Center made her feel valued, and almost the center of attention, among a student population of 30,000."

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