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Student Success - David Scherer

David SchererFive years ago I was accepted to Texas Tech University, to my parents' relief. Tech was the only school I applied to, because of a program called the TECHniques Center. I have multiple learning issues and they make school really challenging for me. When I started look at colleges during my senior year of high school, I noticed that all the schools with good programs for students like me were small and too expensive. I wanted to go to a big school with a lot of students and programs so I could fully embrace the college experience.  I learned about the TECHniques Center when they gave a presentation at my high school. During the presentation, they told us that the TECHniques Center was here to help us learn and provide the tools we would need to succeed at the university level. I knew then and there that Tech was the place for me.

The program proved to be everything they claimed and more. The Center provided me a quiet place to work, with computers and free printing.  It also provided a helpful staff of academic counselors and tutors who help you achieve success in your educational endeavors. The staff is incredible and will do anything they can to help you.  The academic counselors help you stay on track and help you with the hard stuff like registration and picking classes. The tutors work hard to figure out ways to help you learn the new material for your classes,. They also assist with writing emails and help you get organized. The Center has adopted the approach that every student can succeed if you can find out the way they learn and teach him or her.

I was in the program for five years and graduated with a GPA of 3.4 with a double major in history and anthropology. The TECHniques Center gave me the tools I needed to succeed where I never thought I could before. I ended up leaving the program with the skills I need to continue on to my masters in History on my own. I highly recommend this program for anyone that qualifies. With this program and a good work ethic, success is in your future.

Good luck,
David Scherer


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