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Student Success - Brock Fields

Brock Fields

My name is Brock McMahon Fields, and I graduated from Texas Tech University in the spring of 2012.  I couldn't think of a group of people that helped me more than those at the TECHniques Center.  When deciding where I wanted to go to school, I thought about going to play lacrosse for a number of schools up in the east or in Colorado.  Finally I decided that it would just be way too cold just to play lacrosse, therefore I decided to become a Red Raider like both of my parents, where I would follow in my father's footsteps in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity.  I was a little worried about school due to a couple of learning challenges until, EUREKA, my mother discovered the TECHniques Center.  She basically said I had to participate in the program, but lucky for her I was very willing and couldn't wait for it all to begin.

The TECHniques Center adjusted to each and every category of my learning disabilities and did every last thing they could do to get me through my classes. There were a lot of dark times and very difficult challenges that I faced in college, and I always seemed to end up at the only place that was there to help me in any way possible.  Every last academic counselor there had such a profound influence on my life, and I have an enormous debt of gratitude to them for helping me in every difficult time and am very blessed to have them as my friends now. They would always pair me with the perfect tutors and I know they would cringe their teeth every time I would think about changing my major again, but just they just kept chugging along with me.

I was with the TECHniques Center for all five of my hard earned years at Texas Tech, and I would not once think back about taking part in the program.  In the end, after shuffling majors like a deck of cards, I received a degree in University Studies with minors in communication, history, and Spanish.  I am now living in Midland, Texas, working in the oil and gas industry. The program is most valuable to a student, because you will never have such people who would do anything for you.  I thank every one of my counselors with my whole heart for what they did for me, and without them who knows where I would be today.  I would highly recommend the TECHniques Center to any and all incoming students because it will open up infinite possibilities; it is up to you which road you choose. I wish everyone great success and hope you can share the same great times I did with my good friends.

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Brock McMahon Fields

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