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Student Success - Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson

I have had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Texas Tech University TECHniques Center (TC), an extension of the Students with Disability Services (SDS) department. The TC provides services and support to students with disabilities. I was first introduced to this campus service while on a college visit prior to applying to TTU. The services and the people in this department are exceptional and they were a big part of what influenced me to attend TTU.

Originally, I was a student utilizing the services offered, such as being tutored and counseled from August 2009 through May 2011. I am not sure where I would be without the TECHniques Center's counselors and tutors who were always there for me when times were especially rough during my freshmen year. I had a very difficult time dealing with being so far away from home and my counselor was extremely instrumental in helping me get through that. The TC partnered me up with the best tutor that I could have asked for. Without that person guiding and mentoring me I most likely would have left Texas Tech University and would not have this success story to share.

Being a student in the TC made me feel I was a part of something and I could always turn to someone there for just about anything. I quickly learned from the tutors that my disability was only a small obstacle. They shared techniques with me to assist in coping with my disability which had led me to be very successful in college; these techniques will be with me for life and will aid in my future endeavors. Towards the end of the period I was utilizing the services of the TC, I was asked to sit on a student panel as being a representative for students with disabilities. This allowed me to speak of my experiences and provide input to possibly improve services and communication for the overall SDS group.

When I no longer found the TC services applicable to my personal and educational needs, I was hired to be a TC tutor. I worked for the TECHniques from August 2011 to May 2014. I enjoy the fact that I have the ability to help others like me by positively impacting their lives and improving the students' self-confidence. I sought to lead my students by example, displaying patience and sharing my experiences. I also assisted them by teaching and/or reinforcing concepts they have learned in the classroom but don't totally comprehend. I strive to be an exceptional leader and role model each day.

Being involved in the TC in various capacities over the past 4 years has greatly influenced my life; it has helped me grow, gain a higher self-esteem, and give me the confidence to be a successful leader in college and in the future. I graduated in Spring of 2014 with my Masters of Science in Accounting. This is a 5 year program that Texas Tech University offers within the Rawls College of Business. I currently work at one of the top 5 Accounting Firms in the world and I am extremely thankful what the TECHniques Center has taught me. Without this program I am not sure where I could be.

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