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Tutor Successes - Chase Darling

By Brandi Willis Schreiber
Image of Chase on TTU campus

It's hard for people to understand the ever-evolving world of our tutors unless you've worked here for a while. In the nearly eight years I've been an employee at the TECHniques Center, I've interviewed, trained, mentored, observed, and gotten to know so many tutors. Seeing them grow into young professionals on the cusp of the life they want to lead is wonderful.

And watching them leave to go live that life is very difficult.

Chase Darling is one such tutor. Chase began working at the TECHniques Cener in July 2014 while he was in graduate school. He found out about our job opportunity while searching for tutoring opportunities at Tech. Chase worked with us for 1 year before he graduated in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and a Master of Science in Accounting with an Audit Emphasis.

Yes, he's one smart cookie. And during his brief tenure at the TECHniques Center, Chase used this intelligence – as well as his maturity, flexibility, and immense kindness – to help several students through difficult business and accounting classes before he graduated and entered his professional career providing audit and assurance services to clients with Ernst & Young in Dallas, Texas.

We had the lucky opportunity to reconnect with Chase not long ago and find out how his time at the TECHniques Center has impacted his life after Tech. Read on for his thoughtful perspective on how tutoring at the TECHniques Center can be a great learning experience for a future career and change lives.

Chase, what was something that being a tutor in the TECHniques Center taught you?

“Above all, being a tutor at the TECHniques Center taught me that hard work and persistence determine your overall success, whether it be in your personal or professional life. Many of the students I worked with inspired me to continue to work hard and achieve my own personal goals. While I thought I was taking this job in order to help inspire and mentor students to grow academically, many of the students equally held me accountable to achieve personal and professional milestones. I will be forever grateful to both them and the academic counselors for the countless lessons I learned.”

We have a lot of tutors who were once in your shoes … Brand new, learning new skills, exploring the world of a young professional at a University. What advice would you give them about being a tutor in the TECHniques Center so that they can be as successful as possible?

“Use your time at the TECHniques Center to not only help mentor and coach your students, but to learn FROM them. Be patient and connect with your students as best you can. Many times, I came away from tutoring sessions having learned something new from my students. Above all, be open-minded, courteous, and empathic. These are traits that will help you thrive in ANY profession.”

How has the TECHniques Center helped you in your career and personal path?

“The TECHniques Center helped me grow both as a person and as a professional. Regardless of your background, personal beliefs, or learning style, you can achieve anything with hard work and persistence. Actively seek mentors in your personal and professional life, and find opportunities to be a mentor for someone.”

What is next on your horizon?

“I plan to continue growing and pursuing opportunities within public accounting. Eventually, I plan to become a financial analyst and pursue a career more concentrated on financial valuation.”

Chase, is there anything else you'd like to share?


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