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The Women's & Gender Studies minor is administered by the Director of WGS. A minor consists of 18 hours of courses as approved by the director.  One course must be Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies WGS 2300. The second required course, students can choose between Feminist Thought and Theories WGS 4310, or Women's and Gender Studies Seminar WGS 4399.  Some cross-listed courses counted toward a major field of study will count toward completion of the WGS minor.  Courses without a WGS prefix may be used toward completion of the minor at the discretion of the director. (see below)


All students are required to meet with the WGS Academic Advisor to declare the minor.  A form will be provided by the advisor. It is encouraged that students meet with their advisor each semester prior to advance registration to review their degree progress, discuss schedule planning, and address any questions or concerns student may have in their educational experience. 

Note: Courses in parenthesis are "cross-listed" with another department.

Courses Title Delivering Department (Offered By)
WGS 2300+ Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies WGS
WGS 2305++ Intersectionality WGS
WGS 2301 Gender Development: Life Span Perspectives (HDFS 2300)
WGS 2307 Psychology of Gender (PSY 2307)
WGS 3305 From Disney to Beyoncé: Gender, Race, and Sexuality, in Popular Culture WGS
WGS 3312^ Gender and Communication (COMS 3334)
WGS 3321^ Human Sexuality from a Life Span Perspective (HDFS 3321)
HIST 3322 Women in Early America (HIST 3322)
WGS 3323^ Women in Modern America (HIST 3323)
WGS 3325^ Gendered Lives (SOC 3325)
WGS 3326 Gender and Politics (POLS 3326)
WGS 3331 Sexuality, Intimate Relations, and Family Life (SOC 3331)
WGS 3337^ Inequality in America (SOC 3337)
WGS 3339 Sexuality in Literature (ENGL 3339)
WGS 3349 LGBTQIA History in the US WGS
WGS 3340 Gender Sexuality in the Classical World (CLAS 3340)
WGS 3342 Intro to Research in Human Geography (GEOG 3340)
WGS 3382 Women Writers (ENGL 3382)
WGS 4302 Psychology of Human Sexual Behavior (PSY 4300)
WGS 4000 Individual Study: Teaching, Research, or Community Practicum WGS
WGS 4301 Special Topics in Women's & Gender Studies WGS
WGS 4305 Directed Studies WGS
WGS 4310 Feminist Thought & Theories WGS
HIST 4325 Major Issues in U.S. Women's History (HIST 4325)
HIST 4326 A History of Sexuality in the United States (HIST 4326)
HIST 4328 Bad Girls in Early America (HIST 4328)
HIST 4352 Witchcraft and Witch Hunting in the Early Modern Western World (HIST 4352)
HIST 4380 A History of Masculinity (HIST 4380)
WGS 4399^ Women's & Gender Studies Seminar WGS

^ Fulfills Core Social and Behavioral Sciences - Individual or Group Behavior Requirement
+ Fulfills Core Language, Philosophy, Culture Requirement
++ Fulfills Core Multicultural Requirement