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Staff Appreciation Award

In Spring 2010, the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry instituted a new departmental award to recognize a staff member for his or her service during the past calendar year. The award will be given in alternate years to members of the technical and administrative staff. A staff member is permitted to win this award only once every five years.

Award Winners

Year Recipient Staff
2010 Don Hodgkins Technical
2011 Carly Jenkins Administrative
2012 Scott Hiemstra Technical
2013 Linda Rodriguez Administrative
2014 Jerry A. Walton Technical

Nomination Procedure

The Awards Committee invites faculty, staff, postdocs, and graduate students to nominate a member of the technical staff for this award. Members of the Awards Committee will not be allowed to submit nominations. The nomination should be in the form of a letter addressed to Edward L. Quitevis, Chair, Awards Committee. The letter should be written in 12-point font, single-spaced, and not more than 2 pages long. The letter should document instances of excellence in a staff member’s service to the department. Examples of excellence in service include coming up with creative solutions to problems or going above and beyond the call of duty when responding to the needs of the person he/she is serving. The deadline for nomination letters is March 1. The Awards Committee will meet shortly after the deadline to decide on the winner. The winner of this award will be honored at the Departmental Awards Ceremony in late April or early May and by a nameplate on the Staff Appreciation Award Plaque in the “Strive for Honor” display case on the second floor foyer.