Texas Tech University

Dr. Dana-Marie Telesford

Dr. Telesford

Title: Instructor and General Chemistry Lab Coordinator 

Education: B.S., South Carolina State University, 2009
Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 2014

Office: Chemistry 109-A

Phone: 806-834-1761

Email: dana-marie.telesford@ttu.edu


  • D.-M. Telesford, D. Verreault, V. Reick-Mitrisin, H. C. Allen; Reduced Condensing and Ordering Effects by 7-Ketocholesterol and 5β,6β-Epoxycholesterol on DPPC Monolayers, Langmuir 31(36), 9859-9869 (2015).
  • E. C. Griffith, R. J. Perkins, D.-M. Telesford, E. M. Adams, L. Cwiklik, H. C. Allen, M. Roeselová, V. Vaida; Interaction of L-Phenylalanine with a Phospholipid Monolayer at the Water-Air Interface, J. Phys. Chem. B.119(29), 9038-9048 (2015)

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry