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Faculty and students sew chapbooks at a recent Book History Club meetingFaculty and graduate students enjoy a post symposium dinner.Undergraduate student Bulmaro Cruz III accepts the Ann Daghistany Scholarship from Dr. Mary Jane Hurst at the 2016 scholarship receptionOver 100 postcards written, stamped, and ready to mail off after a postcard-writing event. Thank you to the Letterpress Studio for printing these gorgeous postcards!Faculty and students gather at last year's scholarships and awards ceremonyStudents in the master's and doctoral programs at a welcome barbeque.

From Here, It's Possible

The Department of English of Texas Tech University is committed to uphold the values of open, respectful discourse and exchange of ideas from the widest variety of intellectual, religious, class, cultural, and political perspectives. We are committed to tolerance and we will not abide any form of discrimination, bigotry, hateful rhetoric, or hateful action, whether directed towards one's race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability, citizenship, political views, socioeconomic status, veteran status, or immigration status in our classes. Our Department is committed to innovative teaching, research, and learning. We are pioneers on the frontiers of the humanities, working at the intersections of literature, linguistics, creative writing, composition and rhetoric, film/media studies, digital humanities, and technical communication.

We are 50 faculty, 150 graduate students, 300 majors, and 300 minors sharing the opportunities and challenges involved in the interpretation and production of texts and the promotion of literacy. Our students enrich their academic experience majoring in English or Technical Communication, or adding our degree as a second major or minor. Our students enrich their lives, add value to their degrees, and work to position themselves better in competitive job markets.

Upcoming Events

  • Sep06

    LSJE Lunchtime Series: Dr. Daniel de Paula Valentim Hutchins and Apryl Lewis

    ENG 201

  • Oct04

    LSJE Lunchtime Series: Dr. Ben Rogerson and Grad Student TBA

    English/Philosophy 201

  • Nov01

    LSJE Lunchtime Series: Dr. Roger McNamara and MaryAnn Widerburg

    English Auditorium 001

  • Nov02
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Department of English