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The Department of English of Texas Tech University is committed to innovative teaching, intrepid research, and agile learning. We are pioneers on the frontiers of the humanities, working at the intersections of literature, linguistics, creative writing, composition and rhetoric, and technical communication.

We are 50 faculty, 150 graduate students, 300 majors, and 300 minors sharing the opportunities and challenges involved in the interpretation and production of texts and the promotion of literacy. Our students enrich their academic experience majoring in English or Technical Communication, or adding our degree as a second major or minor. Our students enrich their lives, add value to their degrees, and work to position themselves better in competitive job markets.

English Degree Programs

Develop strong critical analysis and problem solving skills while exploring English and worldwide literature.

Technical Communication and Rhetoric Degree Programs

Prepare for a career in technical writing, academia, web development and more in one of the nation's most well respected TCR programs.

Distance/Online Learning

Texas Tech houses one of the first and foremost online learning programs in English and Technical Communication and Rhetoric.


  • Faculty and graduate students, join us Wednesday, August 7th, at 12:30 PM in ENG/PHIL for this semester's first LSJE Lunchtime Speaker's Series. This event will feature catered food and current research from faculty and graduate students associated with Literature, Social Justice, and the Environment. Dr. Scott Baugh, Associate Professor of Film/Media Studies, will present "Sustainable 'Developments' in Contemporary Latin American Political Cinema." Masters student Iracema Quintero will present "Empowering Others By Empowering One's Self: Mestizo Feminism in Real Women Have Curves."
  • Need media support at TTU English? Check out the Media Lab.
  • Welcome, Eleanor Mode, as our new undergraduate advisor in English, Technical Communication, and Philosophy! Eleanor can be reached through english.advisor@ttu.edu, at 806.834.8986, or in room 211C.
  • Please review scholarships and awards opportunities offered through English and A&S. You have to put yourself into a position of being competitive, which means thinking through this Fall Semester about your application.
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