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The Department of English of Texas Tech University is committed to innovative teaching, intrepid research, and agile learning. We are pioneers on the frontiers of the humanities, working at the intersections of literature, linguistics, creative writing, composition and rhetoric, film/media studies, digital humanities, and technical communication.

We are 50 faculty, 150 graduate students, 300 majors, and 300 minors sharing the opportunities and challenges involved in the interpretation and production of texts and the promotion of literacy. Our students enrich their academic experience majoring in English or Technical Communication, or adding our degree as a second major or minor. Our students enrich their lives, add value to their degrees, and work to position themselves better in competitive job markets.

Upcoming Events

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  • Please join the Literature, Social Justice, and Environment (LSJE) initiative and the Department of English at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, October 26th in the basement auditorium (room 001) of the English/Philosophy Building for a Roundtable discussion on Spirituality, Religion, and Climate Change, featuring Katherine Hayhoe, Mark Stoll, and Dennis Covington. This event is free and open the community. Refreshments and book-signing will follow. Visit the event's Facebook page to invite others.
  • Prospective graduate students, application deadlines are fast approaching. Spring 2017 Online M.A. applications are due November 1, 2016. Fall 2017 Onsite M.A./Ph.D. applications are due December 15, 2016. For more information on what Tech has to offer, see the department's recruitment flyer, or contact the director of graduate studies, Dr. Kanika Batra.
  • Please review scholarships and awards opportunities offered through English and A&S. You have to put yourself into a position of being competitive, which means thinking through this Fall Semester about your application.
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