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Managers Guide to Hiring

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Posting a Position

When deciding to post an open position on the applicant tracking system it is important to not miss any steps. Here you will find all the necessary information on how to successfully post a position on the Texas Tech Careers website. More...


Your job posting will automatically be advertised on the Texas Tech Careers Web site. However, there are also a number of additional choices for advertising at the department's request. Please note that the cost of additional advertising is paid by the hiring department.

  • Texas Tech Careers: Advertising on Texas Tech Careers is automatic.
  • Internet: The Internet is the fastest growing method of reaching candidates. Consider smaller industry specific and diversity sites.
  • Newspapers: Although the dynamics in newspaper advertising is changing, advertising in local papers can be an option.
  • Professional Journals: Professional journals are an excellent way of advertising for industry specific positions. Ads in journals generally have a longer life. Be sure to give yourself ample time to place the ad since journals are usually printed monthly or quarterly. Due to cost, these ads are generally reserved for national searches or high-level positions.
  • Networking: Networking remains the single most effective way to fill positions. Talk with other employees, universities, colleagues, professional organizations, and community leaders. Notify other universities with large numbers of graduates in your field. Attend industry job fairs and local professional organizations.
  • Radio/TV: Showcasing your job vacancy can attract listeners and television viewers in a set media.

Interviewing and Hiring Tips

This document will guide you through the necessary steps in conducting a successful interview including sample questions, checking references, and more. More...

Recruitment Checklist

These are the steps every manager must go through when transitioning a new employee to Texas Tech University. More...

New Employee Checklist

The new employee checklist is an informative step-by-step guide for new employees and the processes they will need to go through when starting their new career at Texas Tech. Be sure to go over this page with your new hire to answer any questions they may have when starting this new and exciting transition.  More..