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Human Resources provides services guiding departments and hiring mangers through the process of posting, recruiting, interviewing, and final selection.

Identify a Need

Departments who have a need for a new position, or need to refill a current position, can take an opportunity to review the organizational structure, current staff skills, and to advance the alignment of the current workforce with the departments needs and the University's mission.

Posting a Position

When deciding to post an open position it is important not to miss any steps. Here you will find all the necessary information on how to successfully create a position for recruitment on the Texas Tech Careers website. More...

Hiring managers needing access will need to complete training which is available in SumTotal. Questions regarding access can be sent to hrs.recruiting@ttu.edu.


Broad advertising is essential to attracting a diverse candidate pool. All job postings will automatically be advertised through the Work at Texas Tech website. There are also several additional choices for advertising at the department's request.

  • Work at Texas Tech: Advertising on Texas Tech Careers is automatic.
  • Internet: The Internet is the fastest growing method of reaching candidates. Consider smaller industry specific and diversity sites. Utilize departments social media pages.
  • Newspapers: Although the dynamics in newspaper advertising is changing, advertising in local papers can be an option.
  • Professional Journals: Professional journals are an excellent way of advertising for industry specific positions. Ads in journals generally have a longer life. Be sure to give yourself ample time to place the ad since journals are usually printed monthly or quarterly. Due to cost, these ads are generally reserved for national searches or high-level positions.
  • Networking: : Networking remains the single most effective way to fill positions. Talk with other employees, universities, colleagues, professional organizations, and community leaders. Notify other universities with large numbers of graduates in your field. Attend industry job fairs and local professional organization meetings.

Please note the cost of additional advertising is paid by the hiring department and STAFF advertising must be requested by the External Ad Request Form.

External Ad Request Form

Reviewing Candidates

Hiring Matrix

The hiring manager is responsible for developing a hiring matrix to keep track of the candidate ratings. The hiring matrix is an invaluable tool the hiring committee can use to objectively and accurately assess and compare candidates' qualifications. This also documents the hiring managers decision and demonstrates the candidates were reviewed on job-related criteria.  A hiring matrix is required for all staff positions.

Candidate Matrix


To employ a qualified and diverse workforce, TTU shall conduct thorough searches including the active recruitment of qualified women, minorities, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities. Diversity, inclusion, and equitable practices are the driving force to organizational excellence. This section will guide the hiring manager through a successful phone screen and face-to-face interviews. More...

Skills Testing

Hiring managers may request final applicants take skills assessments prior to or following their interview. The Human Resources office offers multiple tests to assist in assessing an applicants' software, writing, communication, and keyboarding skills.

  • Keyboarding tests: Typing speed and accuracy, entry of alphanumeric data, keypad and keyboard skills, and data entry.
  • Clerical tests: Word processing skills, alphabetic and numeric filing, and proofreading.
  • Financial tests: Several common business financial tasks plus basic math.
  • Professional tests: Legal/medical keyboarding, proofreading, terminology, and transcription tests.

The job posting should indicate if the department intends to be administering a skills assessment test. Contact Human Resources Recruiting at hrs.recruiting@ttu.edu to request skills testing.

Staff Summary Selection

The hiring manager/search committee must complete the Staff Summary Selection form in Kenexa and route for approval. Administrative certification is a review of search efforts to recruit qualified underrepresented minorities and other diverse applicants to apply for the open position. The HR Talent Acquisition office will review the hiring matrix and the applicant pool to determine if reasonable efforts were made to obtain a diverse candidate pool. Once approved the hiring manager/search committee may continue to move forward in the hiring process.

Reference Checks

References should be checked to avoid negligent hiring. This section will cover the difference between work references, personal references and how to validate current TTU employee's professional skillset. More...

Offer Process

Once reference checks are successfully completed, the department may extend a verbal or departmental offer letter. After the verbal offer is accepted and salary negations are completed, the department system users will complete this process for staff and the Provost office will complete this process for faculty.

Department Engagement

The Candidate's First Day in the Department 

  1. Help them register for New Employee Orientation and/or Health Benefits Orientation (depending on the hire date) through the Human Resources Web site.
  2. Remember to have the employee sign up for Emergency Alerts, Parking, and Direct Deposit where applicable.
  3. Review the position description and job responsibilities with the employee and have them sign in ePM.
  4. Review conduct and appearance expectations.
  5. Establish work and lunch hours if applicable.
  6. Provide keys and business cards if applicable.
  7. Conduct a guided tour of department to include the location of office supplies, the break room, etc.
  8. Introduce them to other department personnel.
  9. Inform them as to whom they can direct questions (i.e., a mentor).
  10. Provide a meaningful training plan.
  11. Optional: Have lunch with the new employee on their first day to help feel welcome!


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