Texas Tech University

Clinic Staff Directory

Name Email Phone Number Office
Allison Clayton allison.clayton@ttu.edu (806) 834-2437 108
Director — Innocence Clinic
Dwight McDonald dwight.mcDonald@ttu.edu (806) 834-0167 108I
Clinical Fellow — Family Law/Housing Clinic and Criminal Defense Clinic
Patrick S. Metze patrick.metze@ttu.edu (806) 834-2395 108G
Director, Criminal Defense Clinic, Capital Punishment Clinic, Caprock Regional Public Defender Clinic
Nancy R. Mojica nancy.r.mojica@ttu.edu (806) 834-7972 112
LITC Community Outreach Coordinator
Elma Moreno elma.moreno@ttu.edu (806) 834-8793 108F
Office Manager / Legal Assistant
Terri Morgeson terri.morgeson@ttu.edu (806) 834-6926 108C
Director, Tax Clinic and Clinic Fellow, Civil Practice Clinic and Criminal Defense Clinic
Wendy Tolson Ross wendy.ross@ttu.edu (806) 834-4932 108H
Director, Family Law/Housing Clinic
Irma Shepler irma.shepler@ttu.edu (806) 834-3426 108L
Legal Assistant, Caprock Regional Public Defender Office
Larry Spain larry.spain@ttu.edu (806) 834-6649 108C
Director - Clinical Programs, Civil Practice Clinic
Donnie Yandell donnie.yandell@ttu.edu (806) 834-5277 108K
Chief Public Defender, Caprock Regional Public Defender Office