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Condensed Matter Physics


The theoretical condensed matter group at TTU consists of three faculty members, Prof. Estreicher, Prof. Myles, and Prof. Sanati. The group is active in two main areas: crystalline semiconductors and metallic alloys. We combine theoretical and computational methods to investigate the mechanical, optical, electrical, and thermal properties of materials.

The experimental condensed matter group at TTU consists of two faculty members. Prof. Kaye's current research interests concern optical properties of semiconductors, phase-changing materials, and the ability to transition science into useful and deployable tools. Prof. Grave de Peralta's research in NTC concentrates on Fourier and ultra fast optics, plasmonics and mechanical properties of light. In addition, he is interested in the fundaments of Quantum Mechanics (Quantum Optics).

NTC is a conglomerate of laboratories facilities. NTC projects include researchers, graduate, and undergraduate students from Electrical, Computer, Chemical, and Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Medicine. Research is supported by numerous Federal, State, and Industrial grants. The Center supports new education programs in MEMS, Silicon Processing, and Semiconductor Product Engineering.

Theoretical Research Topics
  • Estreicher's Lab :: Defects in Semiconductors
    • Vibrational Spectra and Vibrational Lifetimes
    • Potential Energies and Free Energies
    • Transition Metals Impurities, Passivation
    • Thermal Conductivities
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  • Myles's Lab :: Theoretical & Computational Materials Physics
    • Computing the Structural, Electronic, Vibrational & Transport Properties of Thermoelectric Materials
    • High Electric Field Effects and Breakdown in Semiconductors
    • Behavior at Non-zero Temperatures
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  • Sanati's Lab :: Theoretical & Computational Materials Physics
    • Electronic Structure of Materials
    • Constructive and reconstructive phase transformations
    • First-principles thermodynamics of materials
    • Solitons and domain walls

Experimental Research Topics
  • Grave De Peralta's Lab :: Physical & Quantum Optics
    • Nanophotonics
    • Plasmonics
    • Subwavelength resolution microscopy
    • Photonic Topological Insulators
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  • Kaye's Lab :: Condensed Matter Physics & Nano Technology
    • Optical Properties of Semiconductors
    • Phase Changing Materials
    • Basic Science into Useful and Deployable Tools
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Theoretical Condensed Matter
Animations :: Part.1 , Part.2
Experimental Condensed Matter
Faculty Members


Dr. Stefan Estreicher

Dr. Charles Myles

Dr. Mahdi Snati


Dr. Luis Grave De Peralta

Dr. Anthony Kaye


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