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2019 Departmental News

  • [2019/01] Physics & Astronomy Researchers Observed Mysterious Behavior of 'The Cow'. Learn More:  Texas Tech Today, CNN, Science.
  • [2019/01] Graduate Student, Hira Farooq, received two Distinguished Student Awards (DCMP Graduate Student Travel Award & APS-FIP Distinguished Student Award) for the 2019 March APS Meeting in Boston.
  • [2019/01] Our astronomy program has been named the "Program of Excellence" of the Year by the Texas Higher Education Coordination Committee.
  • [2019/01] The team of Colin Brown, Ismael Alaniz, and Sadman Ahmed Shanto, under the supervision of Dr. Sanati has received a silver medal in the 2018 University Physics Competition. Two more teams have been honored as Accomplished Competitor: Certificate, Learn More
  • [2019/02] Dr. Anna McLeod finds Stellar Jet, publishes discovery in journal 'Nature'. Learn More: Texas Tech Today, A&S News, Nature
  • [2019/02] Graduate Student, Milind Pattanayak, has been selected as the winner of the 2019 Ken Hass Outstanding Student Paper Award, sponsored by the APS Forum on Industrial & Applied Physics (FIAP).
  • [2019/02] Priyadarshini Rajkumar (undergraduate student) has been accepted into an international summer internship project that will bring her to the UK to carry out research with the Liverpool Telescope.
  • [2019/02] Tyler Wang (HEP Ph.D. student) has been awarded a Graduate Student Research Support Award ($1,000). This funding is provided through the TTU Graduate School.
  • [2019/03] Dr. Dario Carbobe's accomplishments at the AAAS meeting have been featured on TTU ALIST. Learn More
  • [2019/03] Ginger Kerrick, a Physics Distinguished Alumna, has been appointed to the Texas Tech Board of Regents by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on March 6th. Learn More
  • [2019/03] Hira Farooq (Condensed Matter Physics) and Paul Bennet (Astrophysics) were awarded TTU Doctoral Dissertation Completion Fellowship. This is the first time that our department has produced two winners at the same time, and it is even more good news to the Department. Congratulations, Paul and Hira and their Ph.D. dissertation committee chairs, Dr. Grave de Peralta and Dr. Maccarone.

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