Texas Tech University

Markicia Horton

Director of Diversity
Hi! My name is Markicia Horton. I am serving as the 2017-2018 Director of Diversity. This year, I am a junior at Texas Tech University, majoring in Geoscience. I am also double minoring in Environmental Studies and Political Science. After receiving my undergraduate degree, I hope to further my career as an environmental attorney. Currently, at Texas Tech University, I am actively involved within several organizations on campus dedicated to mentoring the youth, volunteering in Lubbock, and leadership. In my spare time, I love to volunteer. Personally, I make it my mission to be involved with the youth. As Director of Diversity, I work to develop and implement plans so that Texas Tech University's diverse climate, remains inviting. I also work as a liaison and advisor to the Diversity Committee in Senate, by assisting them in the implementation of their initiatives. This year as Director of Diversity, I will be proactive in hearing the desires of the student body, and coming up with innovative solutions.

I hope to make you all proud!