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Funding Overview

Contact: Katherine Taylor, Account Manager

We have revamped the website so that all the information for student organizations is in one place. This site provides pertinent information, forms, and dates to all student organizations, especially those organizations who receive funding from SGA. Hopefully, many of your questions will be answered by the information provided on this site; however if it does not, please feel free to email us, call or come by our office. We look forward to working with each of you!

Requirements Organizations Must Meet (to apply for and use funding)

If you have questions about your registration, risk management training, or SGA funding you may contact the respective person below:

Registration - Keri Shiplet is located in the Center for Campus Life (Room 201 in the SUB) - keri.shiplet@ttu.edu or 742-5433

Risk Management - Keri Shiplet is located in the Center for Campus Life (Room 201 in the SUB)- keri.shiplet@ttu.edu or 742-5433

SGA Funding - Katherine Taylor is located in SGA (Room 302 in the SUB) - katherine.r.taylor@ttu.edu or 742-3631

Deadlines For FY18 to Complete above Requirements and Avoid Penalties

You must be registered as an organization, complete Risk Management AND attend Funding Training by:

October 31, 2017 or forfeit 1/3 of allocated funding

December 6, 2017 or forfeit an additional 1/3 of allocated funding

February 28, 2018 will forfeit the remaining 1/3 of allocated funding

FY18 - SGA Allocations (September 2017-August 2018)

If your organization is highlighted in the spreadsheets below it is missing one (or more) of the requirements. Organizations may not utilize their funding until all three requirements (mentioned above) have been met.  If your organization has not met all three requirements by the deadlines mentioned in the previous section the org will forfeit a portion(s) of the allocated amount.

Check the Balance of Your Organization's Allocation

You can check the balance of your organization's current allocation by viewing the respective spreadsheet below (graduate or undergraduate). Once you open the spreadsheet scroll down to find your organization then click on it to see the expenses that have been processed. The spreadsheets are uploaded every Friday (or last day of the week if the university closes early).

Graduate Organizations

Undergraduate Organizations

Important Deadlines to Know When Submitting Funding Forms for FY18

Fall Semester - December 6, 2017

Spring Semester - May 8, 2018

August (absolute last day for the fiscal year) - August 8, 2018

SORC Meetings

FY18 Funding Training

FY19 Funding Request Application Process (September 2018-August 2019)

This process will begin September 11, 2017. There are major changes as to the deadlines/penalties this year (see below). Follow the step by step instructions to guide you through this process.

Funding Request Process Begins September 11, 2017 at 8:00 a.m.

Budget Application & Funding Contract Due (without penalty) - December 6, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.

Budget Application & Funding Contract Due (with 20% penalty) - January 22, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.

Funding Interview Sign up Deadline - (without penalty) - January 22, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.

Funding Interview Sign up Deadline - (with 20% penalty) - January 26, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.

Attend Funding Interview (January 29 - February 9, 2018) - your assigned date/time

You can check the status of your funding application process by viewing the  "Funding Application Process Tracking" spreadsheet and confirm your scheduled interview by viewing the "Funding Interview Schedule" spreadsheet on the Funding Process page

How to Use Your Organization Funding

Organizations Allocations Historical Information

Who is Your Funding Coordinator

TechConnect (formerly OrgSync)

FY18 Funding Handbooks

  1. 2017-18 Funding Regulations Handbook
  2. 2018-19 Funding Process Handbook (Note: New Deadlines for Funding Process for FY19)


  1. Instructions for the FY19 Funding Request Process 
    1. Funding Application - follow the steps via instructions above
    2. Link to Funding Contract (in OrgSync)
    3. Link to Funding Interview Request Signup (in OrgSync)
  2. Instructions to Activate the Budget in OrgSync
  3. Instructions to Change Administrator/Officer Category Access in OrgSync
  4. Instructions to Complete the Vendor Setup Form (For Student Orgs Only Not Guest Professionals)
  5. Instructions to Submit Expense forms to SGA via OrgSync
    • Organizations do not have to use this tool to submit funding forms; however, if you do please realize some forms require signatures and original (not scanned) receipts so you must turn the hard copy in to the SGA office

Funding Forms

  1. Contingency Funding Form (use this form if you were not funded through the funding process, a new organization or currently funded, but exhausted full allocation and need assistance for an unexpected expense during the current fiscal year)
  2. General Reimbursement Form (use this form if your organization has already paid for an expense and want to be reimbursed utilizing your allocation) In order to receive a reimbursement an organization MUST be established as a vendor with TTU. If you're not sure if the org is setup as a vendor you may contact Katherine Taylor. To become established as a vendor an org must fill out a vendor setup form and follow the instructions to fill out the form correctly.    EFFECTIVE 12/9/2016 - reimbursement checks will be sent to SGA office after processing. The org will then be notified to pick up/sign for their reimbursement check. This WILL NOT apply to those orgs who are setup for direct deposit.
    1. Attach artwork (even if it was previously approved) and attach a copy the email approving the artwork
    2. Attach "paid" itemized invoice or itemized receipt
  3. Group Travel  Application (use this form when your organization wants to travel - must be submitted at least three weeks before trip begins)
    1. The application needs to include the following:
      1. A list of travelers including their R#, emergency contact information and residence status if they are international students. TTU enrollment standing will be verified by SGA BEFORE the trip takes place. Any student not in good standing with the university cannot use university funding to travel
      2. A copy of the Student/Participant Release and Indemnity Agreement for each student traveling. The original must be maintained by the organization for three years
      3. A copy of the conference or event brochure (Per Travel Services effective June 1, 2016) - voucher will not be processed without this
      4. Travel Cash Advance Memo (if the organization is requesting a cash advance)
      5. IF the organization is traveling outside of the continental or 50 states travel approval must be obtained from the Office of International Affairs (OIA).
        1. The request must be made to the OIA at least 30 before travel.
        2. Use these instructions when submitting the travel application for OIA review.
        3. The OIA approval MUST be sent to SGA to be included with the travel application SGA submits for the org's trip.
  4. Group Travel Return Form (use this form when returning from your trip making - must be submitted within five business days of return date).
    1. Hotel receipts must be itemized, reflect the payment method and have a zero balance.
    2. Meal receipts MUST be itemized and reflect the payment method.
    3. ALL receipts submitted MUST be the original receipt. Scanned or copies of receipts will not be accepted.
  5. Guest Professional Form (for Airfare and Hotel Only) (use this form when paying a speaker fee and you want SGA to purchase Airfare and/or Hotel - if speaker fee is included make sure you also attach the ICQ and vendor setup forms below)
  6. Guest Professional Form (use this form when paying a speaker fee or reimbursing travel expenses to the guest professional - make sure you attach the ICQ and Vendor Setup below)
    1. Independent Contractor Questionnaire (ICQ) Form
    2. Vendor Setup Form (anyone/organization seeking payment from TTU HAS to be established as a vendor by utilizing this form) NOTE: if a current vendor needs to update their information or switch to direct deposit they need to use the Vendor Direct Deposit & Advance Payment Notification Form for Existing Vendors
    3. International Guests/Speakers MUST be approved through the Office of International Affairs (OIA). Please visit the OIA website to go through the appropriate process. The org needs to begin this process at least 30 days prior to guest arriving on campus.
  7. Purchase Request Form (use this form if you want SGA to pay a vendor for your expense - whether full or partial payment)
    1. Attach artwork (even if it was previously approved) and attach a copy the email approving the artwork
    2. Attach itemized sales order/quote (if an invoice is attached it will be assumed that you have already received the product so the process will be slightly different and could cause your vendor to not be paid up to three months)
  8. Request for Expense Approval Form (use this form when seeking pre-approval for artwork or unique expenses)

Student Org Travel Related Information

  1. Student Org Travel Policy
  2. TTU Travel OPs (including international travel)
  3. Hotel Tax Exemption form (for use within the state of Texas only)
  4. Instructions to obtain Approval from Office of International Affairs (for international travel only)
  5. Per Diem Rates Look-Up
  6. Student Code of Conduct (organizations must abide when traveling)
  7. Student/Participant Release and Indemnity Agreement
  8. Student Travel Request Form (Individual Student Application NOT to be confused with the Group Travel Application Above)
  9. Texas Education Code Sec. 51.950 Policy Regarding Student Travel
  10. Travel Advanced Card Request
  11. Travel Cash Advance Memo (to be signed by advisor and attached to Travel application when requesting a cash advance)
  12. Travel Exception Form
  13. Vehicle Fleet - Driver Approval Application
  14. Vehicle Fleet - Vehicle Reservation Form
  15. Vehicle Fleet Management

Miscellaneous Forms

  1. Core Values Program Funding
  2. Food Form (food is not allowed with regular SGA funding)
  3. Missing Receipt Form
  4. Treasurer Transfer Checklist
  5. Vendor Setup Form
  6. Vendor Direct Deposit & Advance Payment Notification Form for Existing Vendors

Miscellaneous Information

  1. Student Code of Conduct
  2. Prerequisites for Maintaining Organization Registration
  3. Applying for Tax ID and Exempt Status
  4. Office of Risk Management
  5. SGA Official Logo
  6. SGA Preferred & Exclusive Vendors
  7. Student Organization Registration
  8. TTU Licensed Vendors
  9. Use of University Grounds