Texas Tech University

Avery Martinez

External Vice President

Hello Red Raiders, my name is Avery Martinez, and I am proud to serve you as your External Vice President. I am a senior Political Science major with a minor in Spanish from Austin, Texas. In my role as External Vice President, I represent the students of Texas Tech to the city of Lubbock, the Texas Tech Alumni Association, the State of Texas, the U.S. Government, and other state and national institutions. 

My primary goal is to ensure that every Texas Tech student is safe and adequately represented on and off campus. This year, I plan to continue the efforts of the most recent External Vice President regarding the partnership with Uber as well as continuing sexual assault education and prevention. Furthermore, I will focus on implementing bus tracking technology and Mobile Raider IDs.

It is our goal as executive members of the Student Government Association to ensure that the concerns of the students are addressed. We have been and always will be dedicated to our fellow Red Raiders. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns, I am available at avery.h.martinez@ttu.edu


Avery Martinez


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