Texas Tech University

Senate Committees

Academics Committee

The Academics Committee serves to provide a student voice to the academic mission of Texas Tech University. Their purpose is to gather feedback from students in different colleges regarding their academic experience. This committee also aids in coordinating events within the different colleges and departments. Members will be serving on various academic councils for specialization in academic affairs in an effort to bring student issues to light.

  • Cole White - Chair
  • Taylor Mattison – Vice Chair
  • Kimberly Laker
  • Matt Fouse
  • Natalie Benavides
  • Angela Bui
  • Grace Weinberger
  • Nicole Wingard
  • Florian Willfort

Graduate Affairs Committee

The Senate Graduate Affairs Committee serves as a liaison between administration and the graduate students. They address graduate student issues and are the voice of the graduate students in the Student Senate. They assess possibilities for recruiting new graduate students and identify ways to retain currently enrolled graduate students. Members meet on a bi-weekly basis to discuss important issues related to graduate students and develop legislation to act upon.

  • Jon Bishop– Chair
  • Aries Vi Do – Vice Chair
  • Kenyan Medley
  • Hayden Gonzales
  • Jordan Bell
  • Michael Okumu
  • Sofia Brizuela Obando

For graduate and international student concerns, please contact the Graduate Vice President, Charles Ramey.

Campus Infrastructure Committee

The Campus Infrastructure Committee works very closely with the External Vice-President. They will serve on various campus committees in order to protect the student body's best interests in decisions made regarding infrastructure. They will also be working with building projects and the update of our technology infrastructure on campus. Members meet on a bi-weekly basis to discuss possible legislation concerning issues related to the physical Texas Tech campus.

  • Miranda Schiller – Chair
  • Rolando Bernal – Vice Chair
  • Jamie Treadwell
  • Emma Dolgin
  • Lauren Brown
  • Adam Moore
  • Tuni Karanja
  • Ashlynn Gaines

Diversity Committee

Committee on Diversity & Inclusion: This committee is for addressing concerns, projects, programs to impact the quality of life of underrepresented students on campus. We define Diversity as the range of human differences, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical ability or attributes, religious or ethical values system, national origin, and political beliefs. These senators' goals are to foster a better relationship among differing students and represent the expanding interests of a plural campus and changing society, insuring all voices are heard.

  • Aliyah Efotte - Chair
  • Aries Vi Do – Vice Chair
  • Hannah Campos
  • Mia Wagner
  • Alyssa Lebron
  • Avery Garcia 
  • Abigail Morgan 
  • Ashley Peters
  • Hayden Gonzales

Intergovernmental Committee

The Intergovernmental Committee works closely with the External Vice-President and the Legislative Liaison. Members are responsible for contacting state and local governments in order to lobby effectively for higher education. They are also responsible for organizing on-campus voter drives. In addition to their normal duties, Texas Tech is hosting "Big XII on the Hill" in Washington, DC, this coming spring; therefore members will aid in organizing this large event. Members meet on a bi-weekly basis to discuss issues and legislation ideas.

  • Montana Chandler – Chair
  • Derek Luna – Vice Chair
  • McCann Turner
  • Caroline Feezel
  • Sarah McCormack
  • Chance Mitchell
  • Cole Patterson  

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for keeping the Student Senate in touch with the student body and improving communication. The members of this committee host SGA Days on campus so that students to gain feedback from students and promote SGA initiatives. Members will meet bi-weekly to discuss issues and resulting legislation.

  • Channing Wicks – Chair
  • Donovan Satchell – Vice Chair
  • Liz Moore
  • Mabry Payne
  • Emily Tyson
  • Kora Kolle
  • DeAndre Johnson
  • Gabriella Ghandour

Student Life Committee

The Student Life Committee is responsible for addressing student issues that occur outside of the classroom environment. Members will serve on various campus councils in order to examine and voice student issues. Issues brought before the Student Life Committee range from convocation ceremonies to student retention. Members will meet bi-weekly to discuss issues and resulting legislation.

  • Sofia Brizuela Obando – Chair
  • Emily Shriner – Vice Chair
  • Haley Pratt
  • Amanda Terrill
  • Kennedy Young
  • Kendal Snuggs 
  • Faith Douglass
  • Kirrah Powell

Rules & Administration Committee

The Rules and Administration Committee is responsible for preserving the ideals of the Student Senate as defined by the Constitution and to enforce the Rules of the Senate. Members meet on a bi-weekly basis in order to review absences and all legislation prior to its introduction to the Student Senate.

  • Macy Massey - Chair
  • Hannah Smith – Vice Chair
  • Collin Guilbeau
  • Jon Bishop
  • Isaac Griffin
  • Connar Allen
  • Michael Okumu

Budget & Finance Committee

The Budget & Finance Committee is charged with allocating funds to all eligible student organizations. The members will take a significant role in funding organizations for the next fiscal year by participating in an application and interview process.

  • Neil Patel - Chair
  • Ebere Nwachukwu – Vice Chair
  • Taylin Antonick
  • Austin Phillips
  • Max Raymond
  • Cole Seely
  • Jordan Bell
  • Billy McVey
  • Hope Cooksey
  • Mohamad Altabaa

Sustainability Committee

The sustainability committee works closely with the External Vice President to seek opportunities for Texas Tech University to better steward its resources in the interest of creating an environmentally friendly campus and student body. The committee shall be responsible for all legislation, activities, and coordination with other entities within the University regarding sustainability, pollution, campus beautification, recycling, reduction of environmental impact, and other similar initiatives.

  • Maggie Jacobs - Chair
  • Brook Bowman – Vice Chair
  • Megan Reynolds
  • Steven Iida 
  • Brianna Wilkerson
  • Kenyan Medley
  • Ashlynn Nuemayer  
  • Sarah Robertson

First Year Engagement 

For more information on getting involved in the first-year programs, please visit the first-year program tabs on our website.

  • First Year Council (FC): Andrew Ibrahim and Channing Wicks
  • First Year Leadership Association (FLA): Austin Phillips and Cole Seely