Texas Tech University

Outdoor Classroom Reservation

Faculty now has the option to make requests for an outdoor classroom space. To reserve a location for an outdoor classroom instruction, submit a grounds use request form with the activity description, date, time, and location to Selena Torrez in the Student Government Association office for committee review and scheduling. Use of outdoor classroom space, will require students to practice social distancing and other COVID safety precautions.

Due to limited instruction spaces and to avoid conflicts, review the outdoor classroom locations map, then review the Grounds Use google calendar for availability. There are only 20 spots specifically for academic purposes. Please follow these steps accordingly:

Step 1: Review the map of outdoor classroom locations, to find possible locations.

Step 2: Review the online Grounds Use google calendar to determine availability of spaces.

Step 3: Submit a signed, typed grounds request form to selena.torrez@ttu.edu, proper request forms will contain class times, location name and number corresponding to the approved outdoor classroom locations map.

Step 4: Once submitted it will be processed for reviewed and approval at the Monday 10:30am meeting.

Step 5: An email with further instructions on how to log onto that meeting will be sent.


As a Reminder: face to face classes may be conducted outside, keep in mind and adhere to all COVID safety protocols, trainings and guidelines given by the CDC and Texas Tech University. The practice of social distancing, wearing masks or face covering of some sort is required. All trash will need to be removed from the area used after each class, please communicate this to students. As always Strive for Honor and safety for the student body of Texas Tech University.


Outdoor Wireless Locations