Texas Tech University

Funding Training

2 Officers perferably President and Treasure of the organization who receive funding from SGA MUST attend a funding training session.  (if one cannot attend, another officer must attend).

The purpose of this training is to inform the officers of the policies and procedures to follow when using your SGA funds. Training will cover instructions on reimbursements to the organization, payments to vendors and speakers as well as travel procedures.

An org's advisor's attendance is not mandatory; however, if your advisor is new or if the organization travel it is highly recommended that he/she attend the training.

If the organization does not meet 3 requirements by the established deadlines the organization may forfeit its allocation. The organization cannot use SGA funding allocation until all 3 requirements have been met.

    • Organization is registered with Campus Life
    • Organization has attended Risk Management
    • Organization has attended Funding Training


FY24 Training Sessions

   FY24 Funding Training starts September 1, 2023 to September 13, 2023.    Two training sessions per day will be provide in MESA room 2nd floor in SUB.     Sign up here: https://ttu.campuslabs.com/engage/organization/student-government-association





If training is not completed by:

October 20, 2023  ~~ org will forfeit 1/3 of allocated funding

November 10, 2023 ~~ org will forfeit the remaining balance