Texas Tech University

Supreme Court

The Judicial power of the Student Government Association shall be vested in a Supreme Court, and other such courts as may be set up by the Student Senate and has jurisdiction over any inferior courts created by the Senate.

Justices of the Court

Chief Justice: Brooke Pugh

Associate Justice: Cammy Jenkins

Associate Justice: Grant Cannon

Associate Justice: Kara Ashworth

Associate Justice: Nicholas Morris

Associate Justice: Tadie Self

Associate Justice: Shelby Morelock

SGA Constitution

If you feel that your rights under the SGA Constitution have been violated, or that a bill or resolution passed by the Student Senate is unconstitutional or violates your rights, then feel free to submit a Petition of Review to the Court asking them to look into the matter.

Petition for Review

Opinion, Alston v. SGA

Opinion, Pippen v. SGA Majority Opinion

Opinion, Pippen v. SGA Dissenting Opinion

Cotton v. Stovall - Decision of the Court

Williams v. SGA - Order of Dismissal

In response to Senate Resolution 48.54 - Decision of the Court

Pippen v. SGA - Decision of the Court Addendum

Pippen v. SGA - Decision of the Court

Cotton v. Stovall - Majority Opinion

Cotton v. Stovall - Dissenting Opinion