Texas Tech University

Apply for Mailbox


Mailbox Request Form

This form is for requesting a mailbox in the Student Union. If you already have a mailbox then you do not need to request a box or renew, simply re-register every year.  The mailboxes are located on the second floor above the Bookstore.

Please note that only the President, Treasurer, and Full-time Faculty/Staff Advisor listed in your organizationʼs registration file will be permitted to check out the organizationʼs mailbox key. If you would like to submit a request for another member of your organization to be on the permission list please call 806-742-3631 or email teresa.y.davis@ttu.edu to add any additional students.

Mailbox keys are located at the Student Government Association Office room 302.  Each time you wish to gain access to your mailbox you will need to check out a key at the SGA office.  Tech IDʼs will be required.   You may check your mail anytime Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.  Mail must be checked often because the boxes are small. If mail is not collected on regular basis box will be closed, organization and/or advisor will be notified.  Packages are not accepted for this mailbox just mail.

This mailbox is not for personal mail, so make sure mail received has your organizations