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Funding Overview

The site provides pertinent information, forms, and deadlines to all student organizations.  Hopefully, many of your questions will be answered by the information provided on this site; however, if it does not, please feel free to email us, call, or come by our office. We look forward to working with each of you!
Funding Training
provided by Teresa Davis,teresa.y.davis@ttu.edu
Follow link to TechConnect for sign up  2021-2022 Registration for SGA Funding Training
View SGA Funding Training Presentation
Organization Registration
provided by Amy Prause, Campus Life, studentorgs@ttu.edu
Risk Management
provided by Amy Prause, Campus Life, amy.prause@ttu.edu
The post assessment your organization receives after attending risk                          management MUST be completed to receive credit for attending thetraining.
Check your risk management status
Training Dates

FY22 Requuirement Deadlines to Avoid Penalties

Organizations not registered with the Center for Campus Life, have not completed Risk Management, and have not attended SGA Funding Training by October 17, 2022 will forfeit 1/3 of their allocated funding.
Organizations not registered with the Center for Campus Life, have not completed Risk Management, and have not attended SGA Funding Training by November 7, 2022 will forfeit the remainder of their allocaed funding.

Check Your Balance

You can check the balance of your organization's current allocation by viewing the respective spreadsheet below (graduate or undergraduate). Once you open the spreadsheet scroll down to find your organization, then click on it to see the expenses that have been processed. The spreadsheets are uploaded every Friday (or last day of the week if the university closes early).  If your organization is highlighted in the spreadsheets below it is missing one (or more) of the requirements.


Graduate Organizations

Undergraduate Organizations

Graduate Organizations (not available)
Undergraduate Organizations (not available)

Current Fiscal Year - FY22 (September 2021-August 2022)

Upcoming Fiscal Year - FY23 (September 2022-August 2023)

Use of SGA Funds
May be funded VS may not be funded
Funding Handbooks
2021-22 Funding Regulations Handbook
2021-22 Funding Process Handbook


August 01, 2022 last day to spend FY22 funding


Tax Information

How to file annual organization taxes

W-9 form and instructions


Additional Resources

TechConnect - Budgeting System for SGA Funding Process

SORC Meetings

Funding FAQs

Who is Your Funding Coordinator


Additional Travel Related Information


Other Funding Forms

  1. Core Values Program Funding 
  2. Student Travel Request Form (ONLY for Individual Student Travel) The request for funds must be submitted to SGA 45 days before travel.

a.   IF the student is traveling outside of the continental or 50 states SGA will submit a travel application for approval from the Office of International Affairs (OIA).
b.   Travel funding is contingent upon approval from OIA. If OIA does not approve, SGA may reverse the decision to provide funding for the trip.
c.   Also, if any other department on campus is providing funds for the same trip the traveler must disclose the information on the application.


Changing Officers

Treasurer Transfer Checklist


Miscellaneous Information