Texas Tech University

Jeremiah Neal

Graduate Vice President

Email: jeremiah.neal@ttu.edu

Four Years ago, Jeremiah Neal joined the Red Raider family. Jeremiah Is from Jacksonville, Texas a small town found in deep east Texas. Growing up Jeremiah always knew that he was passionate about leadership, helping others grow, finding ways to help those around him feel like they belonged and above all just simply being someone that others could count on. Jeremiah started his journey in the Davis College of Agricultural Sciences after his High School graduation and began to study agricultural communications after graduating in the summer of 2022, he began his masters program in Agriculture Education with a focus on Leadership.  

While being active in Davis College, Jeremiah also knew that he wanted to branch out and be involved in more things across the Texas Tech campus. During his search, Jeremiah Found the Student Government Association and has been involved since. Within SGA, he found the Ambassadors program which would be the start to his SGA career. Since, Jeremiah has served as a Davis College senator and now serves as the Vice-President of Graduate Affairs for the SGA.  

While being in this role, Jeremiah is passionate about a lot, but some of the major things are helping students find their place on campus, being a listening ear for things that some students believe should just be swept away, making sure that students know about all the things that are available for them and making sure that students are able to live comfortably while obtaining their degree. Jeremiah is always open to conversation and new ideas and can be found on the Third floor of the Student Union Building in office 302. He welcomes you to stop by or even send him an email at Jeremiah.Neal@ttu.edu He wishes everyone a great year and much success.  

Jeremiah Neal