Texas Tech University

SGA Forms

General Reimbursement Form
Orgnaization has paid for an expense and seeks reimbursement.   Must attach paid itemized receipt showing proof of payment.  Orgnaization must be established as a TTU vendor to receive reimbursement.    If organization has R# then they are set up.   If not, please fill out Vendor Set UP Forms then forward to Teresa Davis.
Guest Professional Form & Guest Airfare and Hotel Only Form
Form is for paying speaker fee, purchase airfare and/or hotel, or reimburse speaker for travel expenses.   Fill out the following:
      • Independent Contractor Questionnaire (ICQ) Form
      • Vendor Set up Form
      • International Guests Speakers MUST be approved through the Office of International Affairs.  For information vist OIA website.   In order to pay international guest speakers forms must be turned in 30 days prior to guest arriving.
Purchase Request Form
Purchasing directly through Texas Tech.   SGA submits requisition which includes quote and artwork if applicatiable.  The following documentation is required.
      • Quote
      • Artwork - must be in pdf format (if required)
Contingency Funding Form
This process exists to allow allocation of funds throughout the year for events or projects no previously budgeted for.   Contingency is for organizations that have exhausted and need assistance for an unexpected expense.   Currently funded org can apply for up to 25% of the current allocated amount.  Af officer of the organization (preferably the president or treasure) must complete the form.  New organizations (have not applied for funding in three (3) years) are eligible for up to $500.00.
Expense Approval Form
Requesting pre-approval on artwork and/or unique expenses.

Group Travel Application
Form must be filled out and turned in 3 weeks before trip.   
      • List of travelors to include R#'s, emergency contact information and residence status.
      • TTU enrollment status will be verify before trip, if not in good standing, student is not allowed to use SGA allocated funding.
      • Student/Participate Release and Indemnity Agreement for each student is required.
      • Copy of conference or event website information.
      • International travel must be approved by Office of International Affairs.
      • If receiving funding from other department organization must notifiy SGA of such funding.

Group Travel Return Form
Upon return fill out return form.    Must be submitted within 5 business days of return date.
      • Hotel receipts must be itemized, reflect the payment method and have a zero balance.
      • Meal receipts MUST be itemized and reflect payment method.
      • All receipts MUST be the original receipts.
      • Do not TAPE DOWN RECEIPTS.
Vendor Setup Forms
CHANGE ---  DO NOT FILL OUT VENDOR SETUP FORMS.    TTU vendor services has implemented a automate Vendor Setup program.  As of 9-2023 ONLY provide vendors name and email address.  When I submit the requisiotion guest/company will be notified by email to complete forms.          
      • Guest speaker receiving fee must fill out ICQ.  Must be submitted 4 weeks before event.   When completed email to teresa.y.davis@ttu.edu.  
      • International Guest Speakers must fill out additional forms therefore allow 8 weeks to be completed.



Additional Travel Related Information