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SafeRide, S-Bus, Night Shuttle, Raider Safe Mobile App & Blue Light Phones

Safe Ride (742-RIDE)

Safe Ride is a service provided through Student Transportation Fees for pickup anywhere within the Lubbock City Limits and delivery to one's residence. (Please note that this does not include service to and from the airport). The service is temporarily provided through Citibus and is available from 10:00pm - 3:00am Thursday, Friday and Saturday by calling 742-RIDE. The only requirement is that students must have a valid Texas Tech ID.

We have also recently instituted SafeRide pick-up points on Broadway near Crickets.

Answers to Common Myths about Safe Ride

  • You DO NOT have to be drunk - Safe Ride will pick you up anywhere for any reason to take you home
  • You will not be sent to AA
  • We will not tell your mom
  • It's FREE!

Night Shuttle (742-NITE)

In addition to the on-campus bus routes, which run during daytime hours until 7:00pm, Citibus also provides a Night Shuttle service available to students desiring on-campus transportation after hours until 1:00am. This service may be requested by calling 742-NITE to arrange for a shuttle to pick a student up and take them to their on-campus destination.


S-BUS - does not operate during the summer

The S-Bus is a service to all students. The service runs from 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. each Thursday, Friday and Saturday when classes are in session. The bus services to Overton Park, Broadway Avenue, and Buddy Holly Avenue, see map for stops and more details.

Raider Safe Mobile App (powered by Rave Guardian)

Functioning as a mobile blue light service, this new app allows you to advise friends and family of your location or contact TTPD with the touch of a button, providing an unrivaled sense of security while traveling around campus, whether in the early morning from the library or leaving a friend's dorm. The app will also allow you to have a friend function as a "guardian" by his or her receiving a notification when you arrive safely. Raider Safe is now available through the Rave Guardian app on both the iTunes app store and the Google Play store today, and we encourage every Red Raider to download the app.

Blue Light Phones

Safety on campus is something the SGA feels must be addressed before a problem, not afterward. For this reason, Student Government has partnered with the Police Department and other entities on campus to implement the Blue Light Phones. All of these phones immediately dial the TTU Police Department when the receiver is picked up. More Information on these phones and other similar services is available in the SGA office. A map of Blue Light Phone locations can be found here.

Road Raiders Safe Travel Network

Please click here for more information