Texas Tech University

Safe Way Home Programs

Raider Ride Shuttle & Blue Light Phones

Raider Ride (742-RIDE or 742-7433)

Raider Ride is a service provided through Student Transportation Fees for pickup anywhere within the Lubbock City Limits and delivery to one's residence. (Please note that this does not include service to and from the airport). The service is temporarily provided through TPS and only requirement is that students must have a valid Texas Tech ID.

*   Students can request a ride through the TapRide app or by calling 806.742.RIDE.

*   Shuttles run seven days a week when class is in session from 6:00pm to last call at   2:45am.

*   Shuttles run anywhere within Lubbock city limits.  

*   If the starting point or destination is on campus, the ride is free.   If starting at off-campus location and ending at another off campus location, the ride is $5 per rider.   

Answers to Common Myths about Raider Ride

  • You DO NOT have to be drunk - Raider Ride will pick you up anywhere for any reason to take you home
  • You will not be sent to AA
  • We will not tell your mom
  • It's FREE!

Blue Light Phones

Safety on campus is something the SGA feels must be addressed before a problem, not afterward. For this reason, Student Government has partnered with the Police Department and other entities on campus to implement the Blue Light Phones. All of these phones immediately dial the TTU Police Department when the receiver is picked up. More Information on these phones and other similar services is available in the SGA office. A map of Blue Light Phone locations can be found here.

Road Raiders Safe Travel Network

Road Raiders are parents of Texas Tech students who provide assistance to students who may experience car trouble, need directions, or need a place to wait out a storm. Road Raiders Safe Travel Network has been described as the AAA for Texas Tech students and RELIEF for their parents!

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