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Safe Way Home Programs

Raider Ride Shuttle & Blue Light Phones

Raider Ride 

Evening Transportation Service

Beginning Saturday, September 30th, the TapRide app will no longer be available due to IT security issues with the current provider.

From 6 p.m. to 2:45 a.m. seven days a week during the semester, Transportation & Parking Services provides a night shuttle service to students across campus.

Transportation & Parking Services is currently in the process of acquiring another service provider. In the meantime, the Raider Ride vans will operate on fixed routes. One route will circulate clockwise, and the other will circulate counterclockwise.  The drop off and pick-up locations are shown on the map below: 

RaiderRide Map

Click here to download map

Blue Light Phones

Safety on campus is something the SGA feels must be addressed before a problem, not afterward. For this reason, Student Government has partnered with the Police Department and other entities on campus to implement the Blue Light Phones. All of these phones immediately dial the TTU Police Department when the receiver is picked up. More Information on these phones and other similar services is available in the SGA office. A map of Blue Light Phone locations can be found here.

Road Raiders Safe Travel Network

Road Raiders are parents of Texas Tech students who provide assistance to students who may experience car trouble, need directions, or need a place to wait out a storm. Road Raiders Safe Travel Network has been described as the AAA for Texas Tech students and RELIEF for their parents!

Please click here for more information


Citibus On-Demand

Is a $2.00 rideshare sevice that operates 7am to 11pm weekdays that all students are welcome to use. However, it does ADA riders. Click here for more details.