Texas Tech University

Charles Ramey II

Graduate Vice President

Dear Red Raiders,

My name is Charles L. Ramey II, and I am elated to serve as your Graduate Vice-President for the 2020 - 2021 term.  I was born in Newark, NJ and raised in Concord, VA by two loving parents and three wonderful siblings.  I received my Bachelor's Degree in Physics from Virginia State University and my Master's Degree in Physics from Texas Tech University (TTU).  I am currently a doctoral student studying Educational Psychology in the College of Education.  My career has taken me down many paths in which I have taught mathematics and physics from elementary to higher education and conducted research in the fields of physics and education.  I have served in leadership roles for organizations such as the Graduate Association of Physicists (GRASP) and the Black Graduate Students Association (BGSA) where I have spearheaded fundraising and advocated for student's ideas and culture. 

As a graduate student, I thought I would just teach, research, write a few publications and a dissertation, then graduate.  But as most graduates learn, it is not that simple.  We get involved with our departments, our fields of study, and we are thrust into learning the mechanisms of academe. As an educator, student, and organizer I have realized graduate school is a litany of  exogenous experiences that extend beyond the classroom walls and the online learning platforms.  Our interest and concerns are valid and meaningful.  So, understand, student government's purpose is to protect the student-body.  However, this cannot be done alone; we have to work together and support one another if we want to enhance TTU.  So, as your Graduate Vice-President I welcome your input and involvement because I genuinely believe From Here, Anything is Possible.


Charles L. Ramey II, M.Sc.